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It is that time of year again when the big summer blockbusters start. A few days ago I went and saw Prince Caspian and was pleased with the results. From reading the book, it seemed like this would be a much harder story to adapt into a movie. In the book we learn about Prince Caspian, and then the children come to Narnia and basically spend much of the book hearing about the Prince. They meet up and Peter fights Miraz and that is about it. They definitely sped the action up in the movie.

Here are some of my observations about the movie:
-The fight between Edmund and Trumpkin was pretty cool. I loved that Peter deferred the fight to Ed. And the fact that even though they are children again, they still remember how to fight.

-Actually, Edmund has become my favorite character out of the two movies. In the first one he was the betrayer. In this one, he was pretty badass. I love when he stabs the White Witch and walks past Peter and says “Yeah, you had it sorted.” And his whole back and forth with Miraz was hilarious.
Edmund: So you’re bravely refusing to fight a swordsman half your age?

-The girl who plays Susan, Anna Popplewell, is getting kind of hot.

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-Was there a scene in the book with the White Witch? I cannot remember that happening that way, I could be mistaken. I may have to go back and reread it. I liked the scene, thought it was cool to show that both Caspian and Peter were weak in certain ways.

-When I did read the book, Reepicheep was my favorite character. My biggest fear going into the movie is they would turn him into a silly fighting mouse. From the book, I got the impression that he was a dude that could seriously fight. Reading an interview with the director, he apparently wanted Reepicheep to be similar to Puss in Boots from Shrek 2, but Eddie Izzard saw the character differently. Thank god for that. Eddie Izzard is one of my favorite comedians and he nailed Reepicheep’s personality perfectly.

-In the book, I pictured the Telmarines to be somewhat Arab, but was glad the movie went the Spanish look. The whole conquistador armor worked really well.

-I loved the fight between Miraz and Peter. The book made it seem like all Peter had to do was keep moving and let Miraz tire out, but the movie showed them much more evenly matched.

-Do any of you who have kids think it was a bit more violent than the first? The first movie had animals and mythical creatures fighting. This one had scenes of Edmund dispatching a few Telmarine soldiers. Obviously it did not bother me one bit, but does anyone have any thoughts on it?

-I love reading the complaints about the movie, such as: The good guys were British and the bad guys had Mediterranean accents. Yeah? In Star Wars the good guys had American accents and the bad guys had British accents.

-Or, at the end of the movie, Lucy can heal the wounded with her magic potion so that no Narnians die. I do not think she saved everyone in the first movie, nor in the second. I guess she should just let them die and keep it for herself? Or should the movie makers ignore that aspect of the book. Do these people ever think about how difficult it must be for Lucy? To have to decide who to use it on. Not wanting to run out because what if one of her family members needs it? Yet, she then has to watch someone else die…

-I could have done without the Susan and Caspian love scenes. Not true. The kiss at the end was okay, as well as her 1300 years older joke. The scene where she tells him to keep the horn so he can call her again, rather lame. Although, I wonder if by the final movie they plan to keep Susan off the train because she’s too interested in lipstick, nylons, and invitations…which basically meant she was a whore.

Anyways, if you liked the first movie, you will like the second one. Not nearly as much as the first one, which made me cry, this one did not, but still a very good movie to check out.

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