I finished reading Chuck Palahniuk’s new book, Snuff. Overall it was a pretty good book, but not one of Chuck’s finest.

The plot revolves around three guys about to partake in the world’s largest gang bang. The guys are named by their number: 72, 137, and 600. Each guy has a reason for being there and as it unfolds we learn why Cassie Wright, the pornstar, wants to make the movie. The other character involved is Sheila, Cassie’s assistant, who gives us many different sexual factoids.

The book is well written and very well researched. As always, ChuckP can make you comfortable with topics that should make most people a bit uncomfortable in normal conservation.

My big problem with the book was that the twist at the end was not very surprising. Maybe it is my problem, like watching a M. Night Shamalamadingdong film, I keep trying to figure out what the big plot twist will be. Even in his last book, Rant, Palahniuk was able to completely throw me off with where he was going.

When the big reveal happens, I saw it coming. I guess I am just too clever. Although, I doubt that is what it is…

Anyways, I recommend the book to anyone who loves Chuck Palahniuk books, or anyone who watches tons of porn. Apparently the book was inspired by Annabel Chong who engaged 251 men in 10 hours…