The company I work for, remember I cannot talk about The Company, has a slow-pitch softball league. Last night we played our first game of the season. We won 11-10, which pretty much kicked ass. I had an okay game. I played SS and made a few errors, but also made a few nice plays, hopefully next week I can play 2B where I am more comfortable. I also hit leadoff and here are my at-bats.

First AB: Line drive to the right center fielder. I was trying to hit one into the gap, but it was a little inside and it ended up in the fielders glove.

Second AB: With a man on first, I lined one up the middle past both the RCF and LCF, as I came into second, I saw the ball was still not in yet and continued on to third. There was an error somewhere in the outfield and my third base coach was yelling for me to go home, which I did. So a nice inside the parker, two RBI at-bat. Although, it was more like a double, or maybe a triple.

Third AB: Man on first again, I grounded into a fielder’s choice.

Fourth AB: I hit one up the middle again, but the second baseman was playing very close to second and was able to get it. I beat the throw to first by at least a step, but the umpire called me out. When I was walking back to the field with my glove, the home plate umpire says to me that I was safe. This caused our team to explain and argue with him that he can overrule a call, but it did no good.

So, there you have it, my line for the game: 1-4, 1 Run, 2 RBIs, AVE: .250.

On a side note, I really feel like I am getting old. My body actually aches after the game. I guess it has been like two years since I did anything remotely athletic.

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