The Silliness of Crystal Skulls

With the release of the new Indiana Jones movie, which I still want to see if anyone wants to go with me, History Channel has a few programs about archaeology and crystal skulls. It amazes me how dumb some people can be about these crystal skulls.

The first thing I noticed during the program was the references to how during a series of tests by Hewlett-Packard they could not determine how it was made. After a little research, I discovered that HP never conducted any tests on how it was made. They only tested the composition of the skull.

In fact, in the recent years, numerous skulls have been tested and the discovery is that most of them were not made thousands of years ago, but in the last 100 years. People used diamond drills and what not.

The next point that cracks me up is these people who claim that they are thousands of years old. Yes, the quartz happens to be very old, does not mean the actual skull is old. Another thing I hate to hear from these kinds of morons: it must have been made by Atlanteans or some other advanced early humans. Absolutely ridiculous. If there was an Atlantis, and the people built all the stuff they are alleged to, yet none of them survived when the island sank, makes you wonder how smart and advanced they really were.

I will end this with: crystal skulls have no magical power, they will not heal cancer. They will not regrown an amputated arm. They will not give you the numbers to tomorrow’s powerball. They are just neat looking skulls made out of crystal quartz. Some of the rougher looking ones probably are authentic, but the ones that are almost perfect, those are most definitely fakes.

2 thoughts on “The Silliness of Crystal Skulls

  1. the history channel has basically turned into a load of moronic crap. it is absolutely retarded any more. stuff like this passes as educational programming on that network, its sad. it should have aired right between “Brazil’s Roswell” and “Belgium’s Roswell.”

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. I still love the history channel, but do they really need to partner with movie studios to put out crap like this? And does George Lucas really need this kind of advertisement?

    And hey, Belgium’s Roswell is my favorite program…

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