Fantasy Baseball Week 10

Honestly, there is a reason Offord’s team and my team are at the bottom of the standings. If your team had to face this line: 24 Runs, 8 HR, 28 RBI, 5 SB, .259 AVE, 2 W, 4 SV, 68 K, 4.02 ERA, and 1.49 WHIP, you would probably be pretty pumped that it would be an easy win.

Sadly, that was Offord’s team, I lost week ten, 6-4. My pitching beat him this week, yes I won saves for once, four of mine coming from Capps. My hitting was atrocious, although to be fair, his was not much better.

Zack Greinke may be about done for me, after a great start, he has slowly went downhill. Once Dice-K comes back, Zack may get das boot.

One thought on “Fantasy Baseball Week 10

  1. My fantasy team does more or less solid each week in everything but saves.. however, since people have been getting hurt, or their closers haven’t gotten the opportunities for saves, Capps and Todd Jones have done enough the last two weeks to at least make me competitive (or at least have a lead in saves at some points, like right now I have 3 to my opponents 1). My hitting has been doing well, especially since I picked up Ludwick and Cantu off the waivers. I also picked up DeRosa. Everyone laughed at Ludwick and DeRosa… but Ludwick is going to have a career year (according to ESPN’s magazine at least) and DeRosa is… well I don’t know why he’s hitting so damn well. I am guessing he knows that’s what is keeping him in the lineup. Cantu… I really don’t understand why nobody picked him up, he’s always had decent power. Pitching wise I picked up Lohse (an okay pickup) and Gutherie (who seems to be a solid pickup). I traded AJ Burnett to get Y. Escobar and Jermaine Dye… so my team is now competitive in almost every category except for maybe strikeouts (everyone picked up tons of pitchers, I just rely on Harden, Pedro, Peavy, Wellemyer to get a decent amount).

    Bucholtz (who I have)from Colorado is rumored to be closer if and when Fuentes (I think that’s the closer’s name) might get traded by July 31st… and Carlos Marmol, who I also have, should be a closer soon, because Kerry Wood will get hurt at some point, just a matter of time. Both of these 8th inning wonders are good to get me about 10K a week between the both of them. So that’s so potential down the road for you.

    Mr. Roto’s articles are good to look at as well… he’s usually right or close about most players… so I’d take his advice.

    Oh, and Jason’s line up, I would have swept him with everything last week.

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