Fantasy Baseball Weeks 11 & 12

Week eleven sucked. I got beat by Singer’s Sluggers, who has since moved into first place. The thing that sucks about the loss: it was 5-3. The two categories we tied were HRs and SBs. Aside from that, our hitting totals were evenly matched.

The pitching is the funny part. Singer’s Sluggers is one of those guys who likes to pick up any pitcher who is starting and try to get a high number of wins and Ks. This worked for him the past two weeks, but from what I have seen over the years, it can quickly backfire. The pitchers he is getting are usually 4th or 5th starters, and they can have a tendency to get shelled some starts. It will kill his WHIP and ERA (as evident from our match up), but the offset is hopefully more wins and Ks. The Ks seems most certain, but the wins part. In week 11, he picked up six wins. Which is pretty high when you look at some of the guys who got him those wins and what the scores of those games were and whatnot.

I am not railing against his strategy, just saying that in the long run, it probably will not work, right now he has gotten pretty lucky with it. Sometimes it’s the only thing you can do, especially if your pitching staff has injuries or you had a bad draft.

Anyways, week 12 saw me crush Imler 9-1. Again, the hitting seemed to be pretty evenly matched, but my pitching dominated. Seven wins, 1.92 ERA, 1.04 WHIP. That is pretty impressive, also funny that if my team pitched that way the week before, it would have been a different game against Singer…

Let me say that my team is hitting the ball well, it just seems like every week, whomever I play against, their team hits just as well.

These last two weeks have seen Offord and I move out of last place, I am in 8th, with a 51-59-10 record. I play Miley Cyrus and Me this week, who is now in last place. Nice to see that the two last place teams are people who do not pay attention at all. If I can get a big win, hopefully I can get above .500.

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