Great Weekend

I rarely tell people about my weekends, but this is one of those times where I feel I must share it. I cannot say that it was one of those weekends where crazy shit happened, nor were there many great stories from it, yet it was absolutely relaxing and a ton of fun.

I went to my mom’s house and washed my car and tried to get a little bit of sun. My mom and brother came home and we played a few games of rummy, which I lost every time. Adam left and I decided to get a shower, where I noticed that I got a little bit more sun than I realized, my back had a slight burn to it.

It is funny because I have not really had much of a chance in the past bunch of summers to really be outside and get any kind of tan. Well this weekend helped change that for awhile.

I went over to State College and picked up Kacie and we went for ice cream at Meyer’s Dairy, which has delicious ice cream, I recommend it. We tried to go miniature golfing, but oddly enough the place was closed. Every time I go there it seems to be closed.

We then dropped my car off at her place and walked over to Champs. We sat out on the deck and had a great time BSing and making friends with our server who happened to be very funny and friendly.

Sunday we went to the pool and did a little swimming and laid around just relaxing. I got to read some of my comics, which is always a plus. I left State College and headed to my mom’s house to get the rest of my laundry and then made my way back home to Crafton.

Like I said, nothing mind blowing, but a very nice weekend.

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