My Horrible Sunday

**UPDATE** This is what my face looks like three days later, the swelling in my jaw still has not went down, but it is not very noticeable.

Sunday night I went over to Mugshots and had a few drinks. On my way home from the bar, two guys jumped me. They beat the crap out of me and stole my cell phone. I did not have my wallet with me, just some cash and my debit card. I must have put the debit card in my cargo pocket with my cigars, which the street thugs did not take.

Apparently I was unconscious for a few moments and when I came to the cops were there. At first they thought I fell, but then quickly realized I had been jumped. They took me to some hospital near by, I think it’s called Ohio Valley General. I received two stitches over my left eye and they gave me a CT scan to see if I had a concussion or any swelling in the skull area.

I stayed over night and the next morning my friend’s dad came and picked me up. I guess I should mention that my friend was there as well and he too got jumped, but I am leaving him out of this because that is his story to tell and not mine.

Once I was home I realized that I lost something more valuable than my cellphone. My GREEN LANTERN RING!!! That was a gift from my dear wife, Allison, and I have no idea if I will be able to find another one. That thing has become my trademark. People always ask me about it.

Anyways, my new phone will be here tomorrow, apparently it came this morning, but I was asleep. So at some point I will need you all to either IM me your number, or send me a text message, best bet would be Thursday.

The purple spots indicate where the bruises and cuts are. Also, if you notice my jaw is quite swollen which makes it hard to chew. Damn, I really need a camera or a phone with a camera.

4 thoughts on “My Horrible Sunday

  1. to say the least, that sucks man. at least they did not get your debit card, cause that would have been a disaster. actually, they are pretty good about fixing that stuff now.

    did you have a description for the police? hopefully they catch the perpetrators.

    sorry to hear about that though. i’ll contact you soon with my information.

    i’ll be back in PA in like 2-2.5 weeks. hope to catch you soon.

  2. I am just thankful the lazy bastards didn’t have a knife or even a gun. They were obviously druggies in desperate need of money. This is one time being broke Josh pays off. I think you need to move back this way.

  3. Jason…thanks man, yeah, i should be home around the same time.

    mom…yeah, it’s probably a good thing they did not have a weapon of some kind.

    and bad things can happen anywhere, i’m not going to pack up and move because of this. I will just be more careful from now on.

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