RIP George

George Carlin died. No silly euphemisms for my favorite comedian, he would not want it that way. I cannot explain how much the guy has meant to me. As a kid, my dad would let my brother and I watch him on HBO or listen to his tapes.

Pretty much any subject that gets brought up, my brother and I can usually find a Carlin quote or skit that makes fun of it. Anyways, today is a sad day.

Almost every blog in my links has a story about Carlin with video, and here is the AP story.

Instead of posting a video or something like that, I will quote something from his book When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?

During bombing raids in Iraq, the media liked to say that Saddam Hussein used people as human shields. That’s not accurate. Although it’s true they were used as shields, the fact is they were humans already. So if these humans were used as shields, they were human shields. They weren’t being used as human shields.
Got that?

You have to love how he takes something and finds the flaws in it and points them out. He was a master of the English language.

2 thoughts on “RIP George

  1. Sad, very sad, the end of a legend. He can live forever as long as people like you and Adam and others remember his jokes and his words and continue to use them.

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