Fantasy Baseball Week 13

I lost to Miley Cyrus and Me 4-5-1, but that did not really hurt me in the standings, so oh well. I was winning most of the week, but the weekend caught up with me, apparently my guys play bad on the weekend. Jermaine Dye continues to hit the ball very well, which is funny since I contemplated dropping him or trading him for basically nothing early in the year.

There has been a debate on whether we should cap the number of moves in the league. As I said in my last recap, it all evens out. For examply, my opponent tries the same strategy and as I predicted, he won Ks, but lost WHIP and ERA. We also tied in Wins with six each. I would say that two of his wins came from one of his actual starters and not one of his daily pickups. To go through that many waiver moves and only pick up six wins, and yet basically give away two other categories, is absolutely stupid.

If you are going to try and employ this type of game plan, then be smart about it. Look at split stats, how does the pitcher you are thinking of picking up match up against his opponent?

To be honest, if I had any kind of closers, my team would be a bit more competitive. Sadly that was my huge mistake at the beginning of the year, dropping Troy Percival. I mean for real, who thought he would last all year as the closer for the Rays? And who would have thought they would be on top of the AL East after last year having the worst record and the worst bullpen ERA?

Anyways, I play G-Dizzle this week, and who knows how that will go, I bet I lose saves again.

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