Fantasy Baseball Week 14

Holy shit! I am posting the results on a Monday and not like Thursday. It must be the great morning I have had so far, more on that in a minute.

Anyways, I took on the Champ, or in other words I played Gideon’s team this week. I am pretty sure he talked a good amount of smack, and as usual, had nothing to back it up. I crushed his team, 6-3-1. I made his team look like a bunch of silly girls.

Okay, not really. Going into Sundays games, I thought for sure I would be let down once again by my team. Every category happened to be quite close. If Joba could actually win a game, I might have put up a 7th win…Anyways, I knew that the pitching stats were in my favor since I had aforementioned Joba pitching today and Gideon had no one starting for him, but those things can work against you. If my guy blows up and costs me WHIP and ERA then I am utterly screwed.

Not really going to try and figure out who my big star was for the week, maybe Carlos Lee. My big move was picking up Hairston again, and moving Renteria to the bench. Very wise decision.

Interesting note about our league. Singer and Ryan own the top two spots, each with over 70 wins, the next three spots all have around 67 wins, and I lead the bottom five spots, but it is very close with 61 wins. What is my point? Well it is still a close race. I could easily drop down to last place, and Offord, the current basement dweller could climb to the top.

This week I take on Ryan, and hopefully move above .500.

One thought on “Fantasy Baseball Week 14

  1. Yeah, I got smacked. My pitchers were terrible last week. A couple of the categories were close at the end, but I think it was more like the end of a basketball game, where the winning team just puts in their bench, making the game a lot closer than it actually had any right to be (I was gettin killed pretty much all week long).

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