Fantasy Baseball Weeks 16 & 17

I will not really talk about week 16, since it was only like three days long because of the All-Star break. Needless to say I lost 2-7-1, but oh well, because it ended up being a wash because I beat James the next week 7-2-1. Honestly, they should just combine these two weeks, but whatever.

I swept every hitting category against James, and my three Pirates players almost beat him themselves. My big hitters were Bay, Dye, and Braun. They seriously crushed the ball, but the rest of my team did not hurt me either. A .327 AVE is nothing to laugh at. Hitting wise, I pretty much crushed James.

Pitching was a bit close, we tied in wins, he beat me in saves (obviously) and ERA (how do you lose that one with 2.89?). Get this, his WHIP was .95, which is phenomenal, but still lost to my .93.

I made a trade, Adam Dunn for Huston Street. I know that Dunn crushes homers, but I rarely use him, plus I really need a closer. I am now in fifth place, and I believe I can make up some ground these next few week.