Haircut Day

In the previous post I mentioned that I had a very good morning so far. Let me explain, I worked until 7 a.m. and proceeded over to the Toyota dealership for an oil change and to have them look at my Yaris because the maintenance required light was on.

I only sat in the lounge for like 15 minutes when the guy came in and said my car was ready. Oil was changed and the light was on because of something or other, I am not a car person so I zoned out, but they fixed it. The oil change was more than I usually pay, but the warranty paid for the part they fixed.

On the way home I decided to swing into Robinson and get a haircut at Sports Clips. I highly recommend going there. Hot girls cutting your hair while a ton of TVs are turned to ESPN. It is like heaven.

Today I decided to splurge and get the MVP. That is a haircut, shampoo/head massage, hot face towel, and a neck massage. It was $22 which is outrageous for a haircut, but let me just say, I was sore and tired and sick of working midnights…it was definitely needed.

I walked out of there with a spring in my step, wide awake, and ready to take on the world. It also did not hurt that my girl looked like this:

2 thoughts on “Haircut Day

  1. hahaha, you seriously crack me up. Love the part about the spring in your step. And yes you do deserve to spoil yourself every now and then, we all do. Do they have hot guys working there wearing stripes?

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