July 4th

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, which was pretty uneventful since I had to work the late shift. During the day I read for awhile and then began to lament about the ghost of 4ths gone by.

Back when I was younger I went to my mom’s family to watch the parade and do all sorts of fun stuff. You remember my mom’s family from this post. Anyways, this kind of thinking got me to reread that entire post with all the comments and I started to wonder something.

What if I really was the cold/heartless one? I thought about this for a good seven seconds and proceeded to laugh my ass off. Yes, I may be heartless. Yes, I may be cold. Hell, I am most definitely an asshole. But, at the end of the day, I would never say this to one of my children (if by some freak miracle I have one): “I wish you would have died instead of my wife.” Yes, that is what my grandfather said to my mom about 2 or 3 months ago.

Cold? Check. Heartless? Check. My feelings of indifference towards that side of the family absolutely founded? Check.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Let me know what you did that was fun and exciting.

Apparently, my mom’s family constantly proves to be the bigger adults in this entire situation. My cousin, Kayse, tried to get a guy to beat my brother up on the 4th of July. Nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! like a good old fashioned family blood feud. I have decided that it shall be a blood feud, because that sounds so much cooler than Family Feud.

**Minor Update Part 2**
Also, I have to laugh at my aunt for a second because she said that her kids were not allowed to use myspace (even though this blog is not myspace, I can understand the confusion) except that a quick search, showed that her kids do in fact use myspace.

Anyways, I promise that tomorrow will have a real post and real things. Any ideas on possible topics?

5 thoughts on “July 4th

  1. I erased my earlier comment so I don’t start another blog war. Yes my so called family still sucks and I can’t wait to run into Kayse, that hasn’t changed.

  2. now we need another update since she is now offerimg money to have him beat up.i am thinking we need to talk to a lawyer. what do you think?

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