Pirates Trade

As some of you know, the Pirates traded Nady and Marte to the Yankees for four minor league players (three pitchers and one outfielder). That link talks about the players and whatnot. That is not what I want to do with this post.

After reading tons of blogs, message boards, and listening to the radio, the general consensus about the trade has been fairly negative. As usual, when everyone is negative about something, I become positive.

I am okay with the trade, especially with Tabata, since he is super young and already playing at the AA level. The pitchers look to be somewhat better than any of our guys at the AAA level, and some of the guys in the majors (JVB, Beam, Osoria…)

Anyways, the thing I am thinking about is this: if the Pirates settled on a trade with the Yankees, is it possible they had a plan? Bear with me for a second. The Rays wanted Nady, but instead he goes to the Yanks, who are inching closer to the Sox and Rays.

Apparently the Pirates wanted too much from other teams, maybe the Rays were that team. Now, they can offer Bay to the Rays and say something along the lines of “hey, you want to stay ahead of the Yankees, you need outfield help, we got that help, we will give you Bay, but now we want what we wanted for Nady, but with a little more.”

I know it is all just a wild theory, but come on, it sounds like a pretty good one. Any thoughts?