The Court Situation

Today I had to go court over the whole jumping. After waiting at the magistrates office for like 2 hours, the cop comes in and tells me that the kid’s lawyer postponed it for two more weeks. Nothing worse than waking up early for nothing.

Many of you might be asking, “so wait, they caught the person?” And the answer is obviously, yes. He is in for a good amount of jail time, especially since there is a witness.

I do not want to go into many details because who knows how long this will take, and if I am even allowed to mention this kind of thing on here. I am sure Jason could weigh in on this for me.

One thought on “The Court Situation

  1. the only issue would be if it would affect potential jury members, which clearly, in a city like pittsburgh, is doubtfully an issue. also, all of this stuff will surely come up in your testimony and none of it is really a secret. you can pretty much feel free to share your experience on here. this is not really any different than a newspaper article. I wouldn’t go over the edge or share too much information, but you can talk about your court experience without causing any harm.

    remember, their defense attorney could read this however, and this information could be used for a variety of reasons we could discuss via telephone. best not to share my good ideas so freely.

    you are absolutely right about the potential sentence for the individuals they caught. i don’t know how much money you lost, but they have almost for sure lost the next 5-20 years of their life (depending on the charges they are convicted of). i think that a proper cost-benefit analysis would have informed them about the depth of their poor judgment.

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