The Incredible Hulk

Last week I went and saw The Incredible Hulk. I definitely enjoyed this one more than the Ang Lee film from a few years back. Although this film was nowhere near as good as Iron Man, it definitely entertained me and had plenty of geek moments.

I wish the movie would have retained a few things from the original. For example, in the first one the Hulk was a split off personality that witnessed his father abuse him and his mother. Now the Lee movie took that too far and ended up making the father into Absorbing Man, but whatever. In this version, the Hulk is not really a separate personality, but instead a manifestation of Banner’s id. For me that ruins the great part of Hulk, he is aware of Banner, and hates him more than anyone else out there.

I guess if that is my major complaint about the movie, then I really have nothing to complain about. The action and fight scenes were very cool. Edward Norton was awesome as always. The cameo’s and homages to the original show were cool, especially the theme music, which immediately made me think of Stewie in Family Guy

Anyways, at the end of the movie, Tony Stark makes an appearance, which sets up the Avengers movie very well. From what I have read online, they may go the Ultimates route and make the formation of the Avengers, a response against a rampaging Hulk…

Comic Book Movie Grade: B+/A-