From Saturday (12th) until Sunday (20th) I was at home on vacation. It was freaking great to just spend days doing nothing. I know that most of you are dying of anticipation to hear exactly what I did the entire time. Would I honestly chronicle my entire vacation? Of course I would…

The day was spent at my mom’s house doing laundry, reading a book, and getting some sun. I picked my mom up from the Heritage Day’s parade and then met Kacie over in State College.

Saturday night started out with Kacie and I having a pitcher of beer at Champs then going down to Artsfest to check out the bands. Unfortunately Kacie never checked the schedule and the last band was Velveeta at 10 p.m. We then headed on over to her friend’s place. Alex (a girl) said we could hang out there and maybe play Monopoly, and drink.

As some of you know, rum and coke can have an adverse affect on me. Apparently after a few of those my night turned into a haze of stupidity. Highlights include throwing a glass off the balcony or eating toast off the floor at the restaurant we stopped at.

Did I do anything Sunday? Oh yeah, Kacie and I went to my mom’s house. Later my brother came up and we sat around and played rummy. Adam and I then decided to eat two pints of blueberries by tossing them to each other while trying to catch them in our mouths. Our record was something like 14 in a row…we are awesome.

I think Kacie, Alex, and I hung out at the pool at Nittany Crossing. Kacie went to work and I went back to my mom’s. Adam and I then went to see Hancock, review coming in a little while.

Hung out at my mom’s for most of the day, came close to finishing a second book (reviews coming shortly as well). Later that day Adam came up and we took a ride to Tyrone and then to State College so he could run some errands.

After awhile I headed on over to Champs to drink some beers and watch the All-Star game. The game started out very boring, but once the extra innings started it became very exciting, also Nate McLouth’s throw was awesome.

Ryan came up to State College and a bunch of met at Friday’s for dinner. Then, Ryan, Kacie, Ryan’s friend Susan, and I went out to Boalsburg to the Boal Barn to see West Side Story. I have not been to many musicals, but this was not bad. I need to explain the awkwardness of my seat though.

I guess this year they added another seat, basically an office chair on the aisle. As the main character busts into one of his solo moments he stands right beside me, his crotch practically on the arm of my chair, I look over at Ryan (we all sat in different sections) and he is laughing at me. Then the dude sits down beside me and sings for a few minutes. Very weird.

After the show, Kacie, Ryan, and I went to Stef’s house and drank beer and played Cranium. Ryan and me kicked the girl’s collective asses twice. We rocked and rolled.

During the day, Adam, Kacie, and I went out to my grandparent’s house. Pap cooked us some delicious trout. After the food, we played hold ’em. I won the first two games, and won about $20.

That night we headed to State College to see The Dark Knight, which by my previous post, you know how I felt about it. Anyways, we got there and the place was already packed, which sucked because we were early. Luckily we ran into James and his roommate Benji, and they had two seats beside them. Adam and I took those and Kacie ‘n Alex took the seats in front of us.

After that we went back to the restaurant where I made a fool of myself, and ate some food and discussed old times and how great the movie was.

Another fun night. Imler came back to State College and we hit up Champ’s and shot pool for awhile. Then Stef, Kacie, and James showed up and we continued to drink, shoot pool, and bullshit.

I spent the day at my mom’s house reading my comics. Later, I picked up Kacie and we went to dinner at Olive Garden, where I ran into an old friend, Bonnie. She wanted me to go out, but I honestly did not feel like it. Especially since I hate driving back to Pittsburgh with a hangover.

I came back. End of story.

To recap, I drank beer, read two books, an assload of comic books, saw two movies, went to a musical, played cards, shot pool, and most importantly hung out with some great friends. Oh, and I grew a beard and got a suntan.