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With all the Dark Knight stuff going on, like breaking every freakin’ record in the movie biz, I forgot to talk about the Watchmen trailer.

The trailer had me so pumped up that I could have sat through anything and pretty much enjoyed it. Some of you will not understand how fantastic the graphic novel was, nor will you probably read it before the movie comes out. Let me just say this, if Snyder sticks close to the book, like he did with 300, then it will be an amazing film.

Here is the trailer, not the best quality, but if you want great quality go here. Also check out the official site.

4 thoughts on “Watchmen Movie Stuff

  1. Just in case you care I will read the book before it comes out. I actually found a copy at the Barnes and Noble here. They had one other left when i got here (in storage, i had to ask customer services just to get a copy). The cashier in the front said A LOT of people were asking for it lately, big surprise. Apparently, he was unaware of the movie trailer. It was also in the top ten when i looked it up online for books being sold on their website. Anyway point is, a) I dont need your copy anymore and b) I WILL read it before it comes out.

  2. It’s good to see Barnes & Noble keeps up with the times. You could have went to the comic swap, they’d have it, or at least be able to order it….

    Glad you are going to read it.

  3. Yeah, I’m glad I read your copy when I had the chance. It was great and I can’t wait for the movie. I’ll probably pick it up again anyway just because.

    (Also because I’d like to be able to spread the love around these parts; several people have asked me to borrow it since they know I read it)

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