10 Things I Really Enjoy

Since I really have no clue what to write about today, I decided a fun little list of ten things I enjoy. This will go as a countdown sort of thing, but these are really in no order. And by all means, this is not my top ten favorite things in the world, just ten things I enjoy. Get my drift?

10. Mountain Dew. Without it my life would be absolutely ruined. I probably account for 1/3 of the godlike nectar consumed at work every day.

9. Dispatch…Probably my favorite band at the moment, and has been for quite awhile now. I can pop in any of their albums and instantly be happy. The new Zimbabwe dvd/cd is absolutely fantastic.

8. Porn. I am a horny bastard, do we need to delve any deeper into this? Here is Audrey Bitoni, one of my favorites at the moment.

7. Bubble Breaker on my phone. If you do not know what it is, well whatever. Needless to say, I played over 5000 games on my old phone, and over 1000 on my new one…

6. The Codex Alera series. Each one I have read has engrossed me to the point of staying up all night to read the entire book. Not the greatest books ever, but extremely fun to read.

5. The commercials for True Blood, a new show on HBO. Unfortunately I cannot find any videos of them, but they are pretty funny. One is about a motel catering to vampires, the other one is about a dating site where humans can hook up with vampires. Quite funny.

4. Pirates Baseball. Yes, they continue to lose, but they made some great trades and the future looks much brighter.

3. Being a sarcastic dick. I know this comes to a shock for many of you, but I really enjoy making my comments and jokes. Especially at work.

2. Daniel Tosh. My brother introduced me to the comedic styling of Tosh. He cracks me up. Lines like this are fantastic: “I think they should legalize marijuana in this country, so potheads have nothing to talk about ever again. You are so annoying.”

1. Girls. I really love girls. All types, big boobs, small boobs, short, tall, long hair, short hair. Blonds, red heads, brunettes…I love them all. And to prove it, here are a few:

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  1. yeah i realized that after i looked them up on wikipedia, but forgot to change it. they are just dispatch on my computer, do not know why i wanted to add “the”…

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