Batman 3

Yes, I am well aware the the second movie is not even out of the theaters yet and still there are already rumors about the third movie. I actually feel like talking about a couple of the rumors I have heard, which are pretty much untrue.

The Riddler
Apparently the big, bright idea by the fans and people who make up stories about movies is that Johnny Depp will be the Riddler in the next movie. Again though, this is where people make a mistake. They are thinking about previous versions of the Riddler, not how Christopher Nolan will actually try to portray him.

What would be a way to make the Riddler believable?

Another character I have heard rumors of is Catwoman. I actually have no problem with this one. As long as they do not go with some stupid supernatural element, like she dies and gets nine lives or dons the powers of a cat goddess. That is retarded. She is a cat burglar, she has multiple tools for her trade, and just so happens to wear some tight leather and looks very feline while doing it.

There should definitely be some kind of sexual chemistry between Batman and Catwoman, every time he catches her, they flirt/fight and somehow she manages to get away from him. Also, if you do have her in the film, with another villain, instead of her teaming up with the villain, she should see the error in her ways and try to help Bats, but in the end, probably steal some jewels and just shrug her shoulders.

My Idea
I think there are two villains that Christopher Nolan could really work with and make them seem very cool and very scary. First up would be Scarface. I know, you are probably asking “Who?” Scarface is a gangster, but he is a puppet. The Ventriloquist, who rarely speaks, usually to apologize to Scarface, has a whole bunch of split personality problems. He believes Scarface is alive, hell his own men sometimes believe the puppet is alive, but in the end it is really The Ventriloquist’s sick mind. I could see this being dark, creepy, and pretty funny at times.

Next villain who could work well: Clayface. He can shape change, he is insanely strong. I know what you are thinking, yes this character is a little bit like, Sandman from Spider-Man 3, and there have been no “super” characters in the Batman movies yet. However, this one could work.

The great thing about Batman: his insane villains. He has plenty of them, sometimes they are really just carbon copies of each other, but with a little work, you could really change them around. The Riddler and Mad Hatter do not have to be cheap Joker clones. Anyways, let me know what you guys think.