Fall Preview

I noticed on Greg’s blog that he had up his Fall TV preview, and knew it was that time to let you all know what I am getting excited for, not just TV wise, but other entertainment as well.

TV Shows

Obviously the big show I am excited for is Heroes. The teaser gave me a boner, just imagine what will happen on September 22 when the three hour premiere finally happens…

Next up, True Blood, the premise sounds cool; vampires admit to the world what they are and a small town waitress tries to date one, or something like that. Anna Paquin stars in this one by the guy who did Six Feet Under, which started off good, but got weird toward the end.

Fringe sounds very cool, except that I feel like this should be written by Warren Ellis. This seems more like something he would do and probably do it much better and a good bit funnier. Oh well, I will still check it out.

Other shows that I will continue to watch whenever I can, but not really care if I miss an episode: Smallville,Supernatural, House, and Bones. Actually I used to watch Supernatural because it was on after Smallville, but as of last season, it became the reason to tune in to CW on Thursdays.

Two books come out fairly soon, which have me fairly excited. The first is The Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie, it is the third book in his First Law trilogy. Actually it came out this week, and I picked it up today, so umm, yeah, I am very excited for it.

September 20, sees the release of Brisingr, the third and not so final book in the Inheritance TrilogyCycle by Christopher Paolini.

Basically only one DVD has me super excited and that is Iron Man. Remember before The Dark Knight, when everyone saw the movie back in May and talked about how awesome it was? Yeah, me too. I cannot wait to watch it again.

Alright, so not much of a fall preview, but should help you better understand how I will be spending my nights when I am not at work. Obviously reviews for Heroes will be up and we can always discuss it each week, any other shows you guys want to talk about?

5 thoughts on “Fall Preview

  1. I have high hopes for Brisingr, I really want to know what happens with Roran (during the second book i would get annoyed when we left his story to go back to eragon…)

  2. I have to agree that roran is definitely the better part of the story in the second book. But i want to know who is going to be the next dragon rider. I think it will be roran, it’s not out of the question. He’s the same age as Murtagh when he finally got his egg to hatch, why not roran. Though, i do think paolini will stray from that just because it’s too predictable. Also, i can’t wait for the heroes premier, wanna meet up for it, and also pirates game on the 20th with lynyrd skynyrd playing afterwards if you wanna go hit it up

  3. I do not think it will be Roran either. maybe Arya (for the love aspect) or Vanir (he would be the best candidate). i honestly hope it is Vanir. He was pretty cool in the second book.

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