Fantasy Baseball Week 18

I am finally above .500, at 84-81-15, with a nice win coming this week against Lumberjacks. I won 7-3, and if not for a bad hitting day on Sunday, probably would have won 8-2. My batting average dropped like ten points on Sunday, but oh well. Speaking of batting average, Morneau had 11 RBIs, but only .217 BA for the week, very odd.

My big hitters were Carlos Lee, Jason Bay, and Ryan Doumit. My team actually played pretty bad hitting wise, but they still managed to outplay their opponents and sometimes that is all that matters.

Pitchers did okay as well, although Lumberjacks had some pretty amazing lines, like 2.07 ERA. I lost both ERA and WHIP, but I am not too upset, if my pitchers can put up those numbers every week from here on out, I should see myself move up into 4th place.

Anyways, Ryan offered me a trade, which I declined. Carlos Lee for Jon Lackey. I pondered it for a few minutes, but I do not really need another starting pitcher. I need a closer (although I have made some headway there)…