Fantasy Baseball Week 20

Well, it seems that this tailspin will not end. Granted, I have not fallen out of fifth place yet, but I can continue to lose like this. Singer beat me 7-3, which drops my record to 90-95-15.

My two Red Sox, Bay and Pedroia, were killer for me, but they did not have enough to overcome my loss of Braun for almost the entire week. Pitching wise, I had a good week, Singer beat me in Wins (8-5) and Ks (72-66), but I won WHIP (1.19-1.44) and ERA (1.83-4.40). Like I said before, Singer’s strategy may seem to be working, but if I had any closers, and somehow won that category then 3 out of 5 pitching stats would have went my way, which is all I can ask for from the pitching, obviously.

The hitting was close, I could get really pissed about it, but honestly, if I play Singer in the playoffs, I think it will go either way.

Also, I want to give Offord some credit, he is a pulling a Ryan vis-a-vis last season, going from last to moving into the playoff hunt…

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week 20

  1. Thank you, I’ve been trying. My team wins for biggest underachievers in the history of fantasy leagues. Sadly Brian McCann and Adrian Gonzalez were the only consistent performers. None-the-less, I’m still not in but will be giving it my all.

    Sorry for the…delay…in keeping pace with the blog, I’ve had a rough summer moving and job searching and job starting and all that jazz…so hi and I hope all is well with you.

    Excited for Heroes??

  2. I am still in DC (well Northern Virginia) living with my gf (gasp!). I have a crappy job with a freight forwarding company…its too boring to explain what I do but it sucks and I’m still a temp…I miss enp lol.

    Speaking of, how’s managing going?

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