Save Me Jeebus!

Needless to say when I fell asleep at 6 p.m. I assumed I would wake up to a fairly normal world. I was wrong.

I woke up in absolute darkness. I immediately grabbed my cell phone and checked the time. It was only three in the morning. Outside it sounded like a monsoon with terrible crashes of thunder and lightning.

I checked and what does it tell me about my area? Partly cloudy…

So I sit here with my scented candle. Awake, bored, and slightly frightened that the gale force winds will destroy my place.

Could this be my final post? Written on a cell phone, by candle light…

When I got home from work at 5:14 p.m. I took a second to wonder if I actually imagined the entire thing, since my two alarm clocks (yes, two because I never hear just the one) were both flashing 5:16. I looked closer and they were flashing at AM, which made me realize something.

I realized that since the power went back on, they would automatically go to 12:00 a.m., which meant it must have come back on around noon. So my place was without power for about 15 hours.

And apparently it did not really storm anywhere except Crafton. I honestly live in some kind of hellmouth.

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2 thoughts on “Save Me Jeebus!

  1. ha….you’re in a hellmouth. I don’t even think it stormed here.

    last year, I got stuck without power for like, 12 hours in the middle of the summer. I thought I was going to die. I sat in a bathtub full of cold water in my bathing suit. Then like, 2 weeks later, a water pipe burst near me and I didn’t have water for hours. I think the curse is shifting to Crafton….

  2. Without a doubt. actually, someone hit the transformer, why we lost power in the entire town, but it was still messed up. Plus it really was storming hardcore here and no where else.

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