This Time of Year

I really hate the end of August. September will come, the weather will start to change, and in a few short weeks we will start to see our breaths again and probably some snow.

This time of year also means baseball season is coming to an end (although for the Pirates, that usually happens in June, so no big deal there, right?), and football season will be taking over. Do not get me wrong, I love football, but not while there is still baseball to be watched. Especially meaningless preseason football games, nothing worse than watching third stringers most of the game. Although, on Thursday I get to go to my first Steelers game, and yes, it is a preseason game.

This time of year also marks the start of school for most college students, and I begin to miss those days. Life was much simpler when I was back at Penn State, having fun, going to work, going to class, and doing whatever I wanted. Oh well, I guess this is what it means to grow up. Every day is pretty much the same, and before you know it, another year has passed you by.

Wow, this entire post has made me somewhat sad. I need something to help perk it up.

A nice picture of me from back in the day, 2001 to be precise, during my 21st birthday celebration…