Weird Dream

I woke up at 2:49 this morning, which as more than two hours early. I was very sweaty because of a weird dream I had, in which a vampire was chasing me through the HUB at Penn State, and for some reason one of my current employees tried to melt my feet on a stove…yeah, typical dream: nothing makes a lick of sense.

Anyways, as I start to drift back into sleep mode, I hear a slam, it sounds like someone is downstairs and just closed my refrigerator door. I start to get scared, and now I am wide awake. I turn my lamp on and start to get up, grabbing my cell phone and having it ready in case I need to call the police.

I hear the slamming sound again, and as I reach the downstairs, I see…absolutely nothing. Once I thought about it and also heard a few sounds outside and also through the walls, I came to the conclusion that the people who live on the opposite side of me, were still up and must have been going in and out of their place since the sound I heard was obviously a door being slammed shut.

I felt a bit foolish, but then realized something else: it was 3:00 a.m. and I was wide awake. It appears that a good nights sleep is out of the question this week.