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I just finished watching Penn State destroy Syracuse. I have to admit, I was very skeptical about how they would do this season, but so far I am impressed. Yes, I realize they have played absolutely no one, but they have destroyed those nobodies. The offense looks very good, and I cannot wait to see what they can do against Ohio State.

Speaking of OSU, tonight they take on USC. At first, I wanted USC to destroy the Buckeyes, but then I talked to my brother. He made a very good point: the media keeps harping on how overrated the Big Ten is, it would be nice to see them get proven wrong. After listening to talk radio, watching a few different games, reading message boards and blogs, I do agree with him. I do not understand how the Big Ten is taking such a verbal thrashing this year, yet the PAC 10 is still getting all sorts of hype.

Also, I am so tired of hearing how huge a game is, that it is the game of the year or game of the decade. Last year it happened twice in the NFL (Cowboys vs. Patriots, then Patriots vs. Colts, before that it was Ohio State vs. Michigan, or USC vs. Texas…) It is the third week of the season, as we have seen before, even if you lose this game, you can still play in the national title game. How come USC is getting this much hype? They beat Virginia. Then they were off, yet still stayed ahead of Georgia, who dropped to number two for winning? What the hell??? I realize there will never be a playoff, but c’mon NCAA, at least make sense.

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  1. It’s weird being a PSU fan back in NYC. All my friends here either went to small market schools or Ivy’s or big market schools with crappy teams, like Syracuse. So while I want to talk about another thrashing we laid out, I’m stuck watching Buffalo highlights. The only compatriot I’ve had is this one guy who went to Michigan, and even they have been craptastic as of late (though they still always find a way to beat us).

    The Big Ten has been getting a bad rap, but it seems to be mainly because of Ohio State. I guess I can’t really put all the blame on them since they routinely trounce everybody else in the conference, but still. I’d like for us to play a top 5 non conference opponent during the regular season. I think the last time that happened we were spanked by Notre Dame, but still.

  2. Yeah, but when we got spanked by ND, we had a bad team. I think this year could end OSU’s reign atop the BigTen. Not saying we will defeat them, but us or Wisconsin…

    I will admit that the SEC seems to be the dominant conference, but it just annoys me that the PAC10 does not get the thrashing the BigTen, or maybe does and I am just biased…

    Although, aside from OSU, didn’t the BigTen do okay in the bowl games last year?

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