Fantasy Baseball Final Results

I know that everyone has been dying to know how the season ended. Or not. Well let me just say that it was a hard fought battle, and by that I mean I kicked Gideon’s ass. Yeah, I took third place, not too shabby for a team that started at the bottom and rose from the ashes…or something like that.

The bigger story has to be the final’s match up between Singer and Kern. Over the course of two weeks these two traded stats and switched pitchers. It seems that the top four placers used Singers method for the finals, and I wonder if that hurt him. With all of us doing it, that left the talent well a bit dry…I am sure Singer can attest to that…

Singer won and became our champion. All hail Singer’s Sluggers! And before anyone starts saying that the season was tainted because of his method, let me show you some stats from this little contest.

Kern 68 18 68 5 .294 12 14 202 4.55 1.45
Singer 67 16 52 10 .304 15 16 187 4.27 1.41
Me 64 13 59 7 .258 14 2 145 3.33 1.11
Gideon 45 11 50 1 .253 17 6 213 3.70 1.29

As you can see, all four of us, using the same tactics, put up very similar numbers. Did Singer do a better job of grabbing guys off the waiver wire than Ryan? Probably not, Ryan still had more strikeouts and they had very similar WHIPs and ERAs. Where did Singer win? SB’s and SVs, just like he has all year, and that has nothing to do with his style of play. Let me show you the final year results.

Record wise each week, Singer was 16-5-4 in the SB category. The SV department he was even better: 20-5-0. I know many of you want to say that his method was wrong or whatever, but when you look at the final numbers, his method only helped him a little bit. His team was good because of his superior closing and his ownership of stolen bases.

Granted, he did have the most wins (119), but that was only 10 more than Gideon and Kern, and only 12 more than myself. As I have said numerous times, he gains Ks and Ws, but at the end of the year, he actually did not lead in Ks. Guess who did? Kern and I both had over 1500 Ks. Same with ERA and WHIP, Ryan led one, I led the other, but we were in the top two. Singers team had the worst ERA/WHIP in the league. The odd thing is though, he had a winning record with those two categories, which tells me that people did not try to exploit that glaring weakness in his team when they played him.

Anyways, I am excited for next season. I hope Singer joins our league, and I definitely hope that no one tries to make rules against his method. I would rather beat him straight up. Also, for next season lets make sure we go back to two utility players….

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Final Results

  1. When the round first started I didn’t even care, because I thought I’d gotten hosed in the previous round. After a couple of days my competitive side came through and I started paying attention again. Not that it really mattered, my entire offense decided not to play. It was almost laughable how bad they were. 5 of my guys batted under .200 over the two weeks. I had 1 steal over the two weeks. I think my run and rbi totals were lower several of my single week totals. As such, I’m glad I didn’t make the finals, it would’ve been a huge waste.

  2. Well over the course of the year you and I were pretty bad at steals regardless…but yes, both of our offense was down, but yours pretty much phoned it in.

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