Fantasy Sports Results Part Deux

As I mentioned last week, I was taking on Singer (who won the regular season)this week. I used his style a little bit and did a good job of picking up pitchers each day. Granted, I did not drop any of my big starters (obviously, every other player would have jumped on that move), but instead dropped a few of my lesser starters, plus my middle relievers.

The week was very weird, for both of us. So many games postponed due to the hurricane, a bunch of double headers, which caused some guys to only play one of the games, or pitchers to get bumped around. At the beginning of the week I was down, but by the end of the week, it became very close. Going into Sunday, Singer was leading 5-4, and I thought for sure I would come out ahead. Unfortunately, as usual, my hitters decided to just phone it in on Sunday. Also, for some reason all weekend, the pitchers I had started would pitch great, and their team would win, but those guys all got No Decisions. I ended up losing 7-3.

I now take on Gideon for third place, I think we did this last year…anyways, this time I will actually try to win third place, instead of giving up. Congratulations to Singer, who has taken a ton of flack over his methodology all season.

I am pretty sure I have this one. My team scored 120 points. That whole Darren McFadden and Adrian Peterson combo looked pretty good, oh as did Reggie Wayne and Calvin Johnson. I wanted to start Matt Schaub, but the game was canceled so I was stuck with Derek Anderson, which I knew was bad, he was playing against the Steelers (I was right also, he only scored 2 points). Anyways, unless TO and the Dallas defense can score 61 points tonight, I am the big winner. Also, I would like to say screw you Ryan, he picked Da Fitz to beat me…