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With two different fantasy leagues going, I will just throw the results up this way. I would normally say that no one reads these, but last weeks results post ended up being the most commented on post of all time (sadly it had nothing to do with what I wrote, but instead what Offord wrote).

Fantasy Baseball Week 23
The first week of the playoffs had me slightly scared. My team was not playing particularly well and I just had a very bad feeling. That feeling was utterly retarded. I destroyed Lumberjacks, 9-1. Some of the hitting stats were close, but I owned pitching. 7 Wins, 2 SVs, 78 Ks, 1.75 ERA, and a .97 WHIP…wow.

This week I take on Singer, and I am trying his strategy against him. Unfortunately, if I move on, there is a chance whoever I would play in the finals could scarf up one or two of my pitchers (such as Greinke or one of my RP’s that I dropped)….

Fantasy Football Week 1
Screw you Ryan. He beat me, as he told me he would at the bar. His exact words “I never look to see who I play because I know I will win.” What a deuschebag…Anyways, not much to say about it, my team did okay, it is a little too early to go dropping players I think. I picked up Royal from Denver, maybe he will be that breakout player.

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2 thoughts on “Fantasy Sports Results

  1. Congrats on the fantasy baseball team…I’m glad my friend Jack didn’t move on since he doesn’t check his team…Good luck against Singer (I’m saddened that you stooped to his level *see message board for the league).

    Did you happen to catch Fringe last night? I figured I’d watch it since I hadn’t watched any tv yet this summer…

  2. Offord…yeah, I watched Fringe, pretty good, I will try and post my thoughts on it in a few minutes.

    Yeah, Singer’s method is not one I would recommend. My reasoning for doing it right now, is to hopefully take some of the pitchers he would have taken, leaving him with crappier pitchers. As I have said after every week I have played him, his method is okay, if you ended up with a really weak draft of pitchers (or they all got hurt)….in my case, all i keep dropping is a middle reliever and Zack Greinke.

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