Fringe: Episode 101

The other night I watched the season premiere of Fringe, the new show by J.J. Abrams. The basic premise of the show is X-Files meets Lost. FBI Agent Olivia Dunham investigates cases involving fringe science, things such as mind control, teleportation, and astral projections. All these cases seem to tie together, and everything must be linked behind the evil corporation, Massive Dynamics…

Yes, the idea is pretty unoriginal. That being said, the choice to use Charlie from the Mighty Ducks was a good one. Instead of being another FBI agent, he plays super genius college dropout, whose father did most of the research with this kind of science before he went crazy. He is Scully, but not as hot (unless you are a lady, then I guess he might be).

The first episode shows how these two get teamed up as they try to save Olivia’s partner/lover. By the end of the episode they save the guy, but it turns out that he was part of the problem. We learn that Massive Dynamic is probably some evil/good company that helps the world, but also experiments with extremely crazy science.

As I said in my fall TV preview, this show seems like it would be much better if it were written by Warren Ellis. Who knows, it is not too late. Brian K. Vaughn came in to save Lost, if Warren is reading this, please come make Fringe into much more than just an X-Files ripoff.

Anyways, I will keep watching it because, well why not. Let me know your thoughts on the show.

7 thoughts on “Fringe: Episode 101

  1. Offord…yes, that was definitely Denethor, Steward of Gondor. And without a doubt, they better find an excuse for that all season long!

  2. Oh almost forgot, have you noticed a trend of shows making black guys mean, loud, and stubborn, or just plain annoying? See Dexter, Fringe, and Heroes. It’s like the creators are telling them “it’s okay if you are way over-the-top – you’re black, and white people will relate to that better.” If shows are going to continue going this route Samuel L. Jackson may make his sitcom debut soon enough…

  3. Offord…yeah, I have noticed that too. I think it’s just lazy writing. On True Blood the one black guy is gay, and pretty funny. Reminds me of Gibb.

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