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I noticed in the comments section, there seems to be a decent amount of support for a group blog. I need the people who are interested in it to send me an email, preferably with some names for it.

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  1. Since I spent a lot of time on it and I don’t want it getting lost in another post, I finally finished my Cy Young standings based on my PPP metric*:

    Sabathia 1.80
    Lincecum 1.91
    Dempster 1.99
    Webb 2.04
    Santana 2.21
    Volquez 2.25
    Hamels 2.27
    Sheets 2.34
    Peavy 2.53

    *Updated as of September 4

    There are you have it…my vote has changed to Lincecum, unless you think a factor for whether a team is in a pennant race, or even is any good, should be added in. For now I say no since it’s not an MVP award, just best pitcher award.

    Note: Lincecum’s start last night only solidifies his standing in my opinion…

  2. I’m sorry I forgot one of the Cy Young candidates – Zach Duke!

    His PPP is 4.05…

    I’d say an average pitcher is around 3.00

    Also I might need to amend the formula..I forgot a variable for % home games…

  3. I agree that the Cy Young does not have any vague meaning, it should go to the best pitcher, especially since a starting pitcher can only affect a game every 5 days…

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