Heroes: “One of Us, One of Them”

This episode was not all that great. It had some cool moments, but overall it kind of let me down. It started off with so much potential, then just fell apart. For example, the best overall story was Sylar and Mr.B teaming up.

I saw two scenarios coming about: 1) They make a great team and we see over the course of the season the two becoming friends…2) Sylar helps the rest of the villains escapes and leads them against the company. With Peter and Mr.B partnering together (along with Elle) in order to stop them.

Instead, Sylar takes Jesse’s powers, then lets Mr.B take him back to Level 5. Does Sylar want to change? Does he want to get to know Angela? Does he think his best bet is to just wait there and allow his newfound mom to keep feeding?

We also got to see Future Peter pull Jesse and Peter apart, then FP took Peter into the future to show him why he did what he had to do. Maybe Future Peter will teach Peter how to be a super badass.

Hiro and Ando’s storyline comes off as a bit campy. So much more could be done with them battling against Daphne, instead of just wacky hijink. Plus, it is a bit of a stretch to see how these situations will cause Ando to turn to the darkside.

Speaking of Daphne, she’s hot, in a cute & spunky kind of way.

Parkman gets to see the future, which is funny because what kind of crappy power does the African have? He can see the future, but it is only one guys? And now Parkman takes some drugs and is going to paint the future as well…I am pretty sure that is how Grant Morrison writes comic books…do not believe me? Read Invisibles

Let me say that Claire’s desire for revenge against Sylar could end up being very cool. She steals her dad’s files and decides to go out on her own to bring down the villains. Somewhere along the way she needs to learn how to actually fight though. Who will teach her? Elle! Think about it, she is unemployed, pissed off, ready to prove she can do the job. Somehow they will find each other and prove that you do not need One of Us, One of Them to succeed.

Another very interesting storyline, and I cannot believe I am about to say this, was Tracy meeting Micah. We see that Niki really is dead, and yet Tracy looks exactly like her. The first thing I thought was, oh Tracy is her twin sister. Micah confirms that by saying they were born in the same hospital on the same day. Tracy goes to search for Dr. Zimmerman, and he says that he created them. How many of these chicks are out there? Why have I not run into one of them? And by run into, I mean sleep with…

Let me know what you guys thought, was a way off base on this one?

5 thoughts on “Heroes: “One of Us, One of Them”

  1. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I think Niki and Tracy are twins, clones, or something else entirely. By created did he mean he created her life? her power? Its because of that that the jury is still out for me.

    As for Ando and Hiro, I think its really stupid if the only reason Ando joins the darkside is because he doesn’t want to be a sidekick. Like you said, they could be doing a lot more with that storyline right now.

    I am also pretty pissed off that they didn’t show any of Suresh this episode. I am very curious to see what happens to him since he gave himself powers.

    Lastly, I may be stupid but what happened to Molly?

  2. Ouch. Fringe is not comparable to Heroes…Olivia’s squinty/confused/universal emotion face is starting to bug me…

    and Joshua Jackson = tool. i don’t even know what that means but it seems right…

    that said, I still will watch every episode of Fringe just because it’s new and has some potential…

  3. I have to agree with Offord. I mean one bad episode of Heroes is still better than just watching an X-Files ripoff. This past week’s episode of Fringe was really kind lame.

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