Heroes: “The Second Coming” and “The Butterfly Effect”

Oh god, the moment we have waited all year for or at least since the last episode aired. The two hour premiere kicked off tonight and absolutely kicked ass. Instead of doing a complete recap like I usually do, this time I will just discuss the main characters.

At the end of last season we watched Nathan get shot just before he announced to the world his powers. We learn early on that the shooter was Peter from four years in the future. He came back to stop his brother because in the future people with powers are captured, tortured, studied, and forced to do things against their will.

As Nathan is about to die, he somehow miraculously heals, and it turns out to be because of Linderman. Nathan believes that he was saved by god, which causes the governor of NY to decide to appoint him to the US Senate.

So, future Peter keeps messing with things and it just causes the future to keep changing. He realizes the mistakes he has made, especially when trapped current Peter into a prisoner’s cell and made him look like a guy named Jesse (who has some sonic scream power), now current Peter is on the run with some real bad people and hopefully being tracked by future Peter.

Future Peter sends Parkman to Africa. After walking around for awhile and almost dying, Matt thinks a turtle talks to him, but it turns out to be a guy, who can see the future. My prediction that Parkman might be the one to become a villain, may be off base, but we shall see.

Our favorite cheerleader receives a visit from Sylar. He attacks her and opens her brain up. She asks if he will eat the part of her brain that gives her power, and he says that is disgusting. He somehow absorbs her power, and heals his knife wound. He then reattaches her scalp and tells her that she is special, unlike all the others because he cannot kill her, no one can.

Later she begs Mr.B to take her with him when he goes after the criminals because she wants to help and does not like being the victim. He says no, but says he brought someone who could watch over her, Claire’s real mom.

Hiro is now in charge of his father’s company, but is bored out of his mind. He wants an adventure. He receives a DVD from his father, which talks about not opening a safe, that he must safeguard what is inside. Naturally he opens the safe, and there is a second video, his father scolds him, but then says that Hiro must not let his half of the formula fall into the wrong hands.

At that moment, a speedster named Daphne steals the formula, but Hiro freezes time. Hiro confronts her, but she can counteract his power and asks him some interesting questions, such as if he freezes time in Tokyo, but then chases her, would time still be frozen in Tokyo?

Hiro also goes into the future to see what the danger of the formula is and sees himself killed by Ando, who now has his own awesome power.

Okay, the guy we have wanted to come back all year. Sylar goes to the facility and first kills Bob. Elle gets Mr.B out of his cell, who shoots Sylar, but watches him heal. Sylar goads him by saying that he paid Claire a little visit.

He is about to kill Elle, but she unleashes her power at full force. It frees the prisoners (including the misplaced Peter) and takes down Sylar, who is now being held there by Angela. She takes over Bob’s job and immediately fires Elle. She then tells Sylar that she is his mother. If she is telling the truth, that means Peter and Sylar (and Nathan as well) are all brothers. Talk about a weird family.

Suresh helps good ol’ Maya by isolating where the power comes from (the adrenal gland) and discovers that he could give everyone powers. He then injects himself, and gets some cool powers. Also the side effect happens to be he becomes a deusche, but that allows him to sleep with Maya, which is cool. He discovers that his body has an adverse side effect that his skin is doing some weird things.

I know I forgot a few things, but so much happened, it was hard to keep track of it all. I may have to watch it online again this week. Did anyone see the preview where they show Mr.B and Sylar being partnered together? That is pretty insane.

What could cause Ando to turn on Hiro? I believe once they discover what the formula does, Ando will want powers and Hiro will be against it. The formula must be the answer to how to gain powers or something.

Anyways, let me know what you thought, and what your theories for the new chapter.

7 thoughts on “Heroes: “The Second Coming” and “The Butterfly Effect”

  1. I believe the paper contains the formula for giving powers as well. The company probably tinkered with giving people powers to stop the bad ones who did. I wonder if any of the main characters have manufactured powers?

    Can you recap Mr. B’s situation for me? I couldn’t remember why he was being held prisoner…

    And no I did not see the preview with Sylar teamed with Bennett. I highly doubt finding out his mom is Angela will turn him good…but I guess we shall see. I don’t think I’d like him as a good guy…

    Note: Why is Peter such a baby? He has like every power he can do whatever he wants all the time…I’m glad they threw stuff in about not moving through time and changing things because then they could just stop anything bad from happening all the time…phew

  2. i doubt angela has plans to turn sylar good. she is clearly another villain, perhaps the mastermind of them all. did you guys see the preview where she’s feeding sylar other heroes? those aren’t exactly the actions of a good person.

  3. Gideon…yes I saw that preview. Remember she wanted Nathan to allow Peter to blow up NYC…

    Offord…Mr.B was being held because he rejoined the company at the end of last season in order to protect Claire and his family. I am guessing they keep him locked up so he does not try to get out of that deal…

  4. I wrote yet another long blog yesterday, Josh, and like the last time, I wasn’t able to log in and when I went back, everything I had typed was gone. So this is just gonna be a summary…

    1. I’m starting to lose interest in Heroes. Why, you ask? It’s just gettin out of hand. Nothing surprises me anymore. They try to throw in too many twists and shocking moments.
    2. I’m not sure which powers Sylar has at this point, but when he couldn’t get through that pantry door, I was annoyed. You don’t need special abilities to get through a door like that. 8-year-old me would’ve destroyed that door if there were Little Debbies of some sort on the other side.
    3. Maya is lookin insanely hot. And I’m happy Mohinder finally stopped worrying about science and whatnot and got himself a little mud for his duck. He’s had alone time with practically every girl on this show, and all he can think about: the virus, mutations, a cure, etc. But now, as karma I suppose would have it, he’s turning into the fly.

  5. Adam…that really sucks. maybe you should start typing them on Word first.

    I made a joke to my friend while we watched it about Sylar not being able to just rip that door off it’s hinges.

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