Labor Day

Personally I believe that every business should be closed down on Labor Day. No restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, anything where people work. If places want to be open, they must be staffed by volunteers. Yes I am bitter, I had to work all weekend and then today as well.

If it is not a day to honor the people who go out and work everyday, why not call it “Generic Day Off For 90% of the People”? That would be much better I think, catchy. Anyways, after a very fun weekend full of reading (reviews of those books coming soon) and working, I came home today to find a very great movie on HBO: 300. Yes I own the DVD, but still it is fun to catch it on TV.

As I watched the movie for the umpteenth (spell checker says this is a word? hmm that is odd…) time, I noticed how attractive the girl who plays the oracle is, so I decided to look her up. Her name is Kelly Craig, and I believe I am in love. I went to her Myspace page and discovered that she has a very quirky cuteness. She looks like she would be fun to get drunk with and talk about how awesome the movie was.

Her Myspace page has a few pictures and all the ones I have found on Google are mostly modeling pictures, which are usually very odd, but I like this one for some reason.

So, Miss Craig, if you are reading this and want to come to Pittsburgh and hang out, let me know. I will definitely be free that weekend…