Steelers Game Pt. 2

That picture comes from my phone while at the Steelers game on Thursday night. The seats were fantastic (thanks Mom & Harmon). We sat in the Club East section, you get to go through some glass doors and there is carpeting and a full bar. Not what a thought for my first professional football game.

Anyways, since Mom and Harmon could not make it, I gave the other two tickets to a friend from work and his girlfriend, mostly because it was such late notice. We had a lot of fun, drank some beers, watched some third string football…I will say that I like Dennis Dixon more than Leftwich if it ever comes down to Ben getting hurt.

This preseason game left me wanting more though. I definitely want to go to a real game. I want to drink in the parking lot all day before the game. I want to have a crazy time. Who is down with me?

After the game I went over to Mugshots and had some beers, then went with this one guy Sean up to the Ugly Dog Saloon to try and find some girls. Needless to say that did not pan out. Oh well.