The Yummy Pancake

So, I decided on a group blog name. The Yummy Pancake, which so far has four of us: myself, revanstrife (or Keebler, however you know him), Offord, and Gideon. I hope to add a few more people: my brother, Ryan, and Jason from Batman Obviously…

Anyways, do not fear, I will not stop posting on here. I have yet to decide what things will be posted where. I have also decided that all the members there have full administrator rights, so they can add or change things. It makes us all equals I guess…

So check it out, Offord has started us out with a nice Pirates post.

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6 thoughts on “The Yummy Pancake

  1. i think you both need more than just therapy…

    I’m in for the blog and i’ll post my blather consisting of the slurred speech of a regular bar fly ignoramous who gets all his 411 from the dishwasher who happens to know the friend of the janitor who once dated the secratary at the local police station screening all the police scanners. And i don’t know much how all this works so i’ll need some tutelage on this unearthed territory.

    Man i’m tired of watching the pirates lose.

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