True Blood: Mine

Remember how in the last episode, I said I wanted to see more of Dawn? Well we definitely got to see more of her, especially her naked and then her dead. I am pretty upset. So is Jason, since I am guessing he will be once again the prime suspect.

She left him tied up and when she got home, Jason attacks her (pretending to be a vampire), then they have sex. He starts seeing the bald vampire’s face on hers and loses his erection. Dawn makes fun of him and threatens him with a gun when she will not leave. He leaves and the neighbor hears the commotion and sees him leaving.

Bill’s vampire friends try to glamour her, but it does not work. They go back to their little party when Bill says that Sookie belongs to her. Apparently these vampires do not agree with coming out, they still enjoy feeding on humans. Bill threatens to go over their heads to much older vampires if they ever come back and mess with Sookie.

Sookie is natually freaked out about everything and wants to stop seeing Bill. She later has a dream about having sex with him and wakes up masturbating.

On to the big theory about Sam. Tara and Sam get drunk together and while Sam is sleeping Tara notices that he barks in his sleep. The next day he is sitting on the porch, when our mysterious dog comes up to him, Sam calls him brother…