True Blood: Strange Love

Tonight was the premiere of True Blood, the HBO series by Alan Ball (creator of Six Feet Under). The premise is that two years ago vampires admit their existence to the world. Down in Louisiana, a young waitress at a small town bar encounters her first vampire and hijinx ensue.

Anyways, on to the first episode.

The opening episode sees Sookie saving the vampire Bill’s life. Her brother is accused of killing a woman who he had some crazy sex with. The episode was pretty cool, some of the parts were kind of predictable, such as the hillbilly turning out to be the vampire at the beginning and not the store clerk all dressed in black.

-Sookie-definitely the most interesting character. She can read minds, yet cannot read Bill’s. She throws a chain around a guy’s neck and for some reason he can not get it off. Bill even questions her as to whether or not she is truly human.

-Bill-during their first meeting, he tries to come off cool and suave. Then his next visit to the bar, he asks if “he can call her.” Which kind of gives away that he is from a different era. He also tells Sookie that he cares what the people of the town think of him while they stare at the two of them at the bar because he wants to make the town his new home and be part of the community.

-Jason-Sookie’s hornball brother. He seems very anti-vampire and he knows about Sookie’s ability. She tries to read his mind to see if he killed the girl, and he yells at her not to read his mind. When she first probes his mind, his thought was “how could I lose control like that…” Did he kill the girl, or does he mean lose control in the sense that he realized she probably video taped their sex and that the cops would find that and make him a suspect?

-Tara-Sookie’s best friend. She is very funny, says whatever she wants to customers at the bar. Also very distrustful of vampires, which Sookie uses against her for being close-minded.

Some very funny scenes during the show, especially the ones involving Sookie’s grandmother. She asks Sookie if Bill would speak to a Civil War history group. Sookie points out that he would have troubles making it at noon. Also, Tara’s interactions with people crack me up. Also, the very gay Lafayette was amusing with his somewhat disturbing comments. In fact, the scene with the fat guy at the bar was very funny. Sookie also loves to make little jokes about her lack of sex life, which makes me sad because I would definitely umm, do something dirty to her.

When discussing any kind of vampire movie, show, or book, you need to look at the mythology surrounding it. So far, we see that they drink synthetic blood, that if they feed off a human that does not turn the victim into a vampire. Silver hurts them, which Sookie makes a joke about thinking that only works on werewolves, which obviously do not exist. From some of the previews, crosses do not work against them, nor does garlic. Sunlight does, but they do not apparently burst into flames, more like slow-burn.

Anyways, the premiere was cool, the ending very good with Sookie getting jumped and the crap kicked out of her. I cannot wait until next week to see what happens next.

On a sidenote, if anyone tuned in right after the episode, you probably read the worst review ever, which made me angry. I deleted it and then rewrote it. I hope this is much better.