True Blood: The First Taste

The second episode picked right up where the first one left off. The hillbillies are kicking the crap out of our girl Sookie. Bill comes to her rescue and saves her life by giving her some of his blood. She later tells him that she is telepathic.

They have their little date at the house, and he talks about how he fought in the Civil War, and that his family was from the area, which is why he moved back. The entire interaction between Bill and the grandmother was very cool. He looks like he is thirty, but is actually 173, he does things in an old fashioned way, which she can relate to. But, she is somewhat frightened of him.

We also saw a nice flashback of Sookie’s past, and how having her power has sometimes made her life very difficult. The advantage to her power is that Bill cannot use his “glamour” power over her (basically hypnotism).

The show ends with Sookie going to Bill’s house, but meeting some of his vampire friends, who do not seem to be very friendly. One of them is the vampire from the sex video in episode one.

Speaking of the sex video, Jason watches the video with the police, and we see that during sex he strangled her. As he puts his pants on and runs out the door, the girl breathes and starts laughing about how dumb Jason is. He realizes he did not kill her, but the police still think he did it. They could not find the other sex tape, and they believe he left it there to prove that he did not do it. Jason points out that he is not that smart and they let him go.

Anyways, Jason goes back to banging Dawn , who is smokin’ hot. She ties him to the bed and then heads off to work. Jason noticed before that she had vampire bite marks…

Also, Michelle had an interesting theory about Sam, and after this episode I am inclined to agree with her. The dog that comes around Sookie is Sam, he is some kind of werewolf or shape-shifter. Remember, he said he would come help her with the Rattrays attacking Bill. Plus the dog tries to help her when she is attacked, and she sees later that Sam is still awake.

I look forward to the next episode, if only to see more of Dawn.

5 thoughts on “True Blood: The First Taste

  1. Just another quick thought on Sam being the dog. In the second episode Sam brings Sookie into his office to discuss her mind reading, right after she leaves they pan from Sam to a painting of a dog on the wall. The same dog that we have been seeing. Did you catch that one?

  2. Shellie…yes, I failed to mention the painting. I wonder if that is Sam throughout time with a previous chick he protected???

    Jason…I would definitely check it out. I do love long ass marathons, I watched Ghost Hunters the other day, always a fun time.

  3. I think there is a strong possibility that it could be. I think that he, like Bill, has been alive for hundreds of years (or at least a really long time). Which is how he knew that Bill was a vampire in the first episode? I found it weird that Sam knew that right away. The only way that Sookie knew was because she couldn’t hear his thoughts; there was no real way that Sam should have known that right away.

    Also, in the first episode after Sookie says that she thinks the dog lives near the bar, Bill agrees saying he is sure that he does. I think that Bill knows Sam, or he at least knows that Sam is the dog.

  4. Shellie…actually Sookie realized she could not hear his thoughts after she saved him. I do think it is interesting that when she told Sam he was a vampire, Sam seemed like he already knew that.

    I do not know if they know each other though, Bill said he left and had not really been back until now.

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