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I just wanted to point out to my faithful fans that there is a very good discussion going on here and here. It is odd that the two very geeky sports conversations are sandwiched around a post with a hot girl, that no one makes a comment about…

Anyways, I will put these two posts over in my favorites section because of the fact that they have some very good debate, plus Offord almost became the first guest writer. If anyone ever wants me to post something, just email it to me.

Speaking of which, I would like to start a group blog. I have no idea what it would be about, but just something I am pondering. Anyone interested?

15 thoughts on “What Geeks

  1. i would do that too. i’d follow that more than my own blog. especially if there were things happening that annoyed me… like Palin… or creationism… or how i wish i’d have remembered to sign up for the fantasy football league… or any idea that zig has…

  2. Can you post Word files? Because I’m about 2/3 through the first book of my 8 book epic series. It is a Lord of the Rings type fantasy thing that my gf seems to enjoy reading even if she doesn’t like that sort of thing…Anyway, I’ve hit a snag because I started work, but if I ever get this book done I’d like to share it with the world…

  3. I probably come here like 5 times a day intending to comment on various things, but never actually get around to it. For example, I’ve had this particular comment leaving window open for the past 2 hours and was just about to close it since I really should be doing work right now, but figured I’d get something down first.

    As such, I have several fantasy, mvp, and football related comments – none of which will probably ever see the light of day.

    Also, I use your blog as a portal into my own. Apparently its too taxing to make a bookmark for my own page. You probably can’t tell but I visit my own blog just as often as yours, where I often have subjects to discuss – then I get assigned a project, or the commercials end, or i want food… whatever the distraction the window gets closed. Then whatever the subject was loses its window of relevance. Oh well.

    I am down for a group blog though.
    It should be about pancakes.

  4. Gideon…I completely understand how that goes. I always have a ton of posts in my head, and then never end up writing about them…

    Pancakes…now that’s an idea.

    Offord…I am always down for a getaway.

  5. To follow up on my comment from… I can’t remember when I left it… but I think a group blog would be a pretty cool idea. If you have a varied enough group, it would basically be about everything. Ever.

    I’m with jason’s sense of, I would probably follow it more than my blog. There’s only so much you can say about how bad All Star Batman is.

  6. Jason…wow, we could possibly have three jason’s writing one blog…and hey, I enjoy reading why you are not down with ASB. Something tells me the blog title should be something with pancakes now.

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