Girlfriend of the Week

Since last week the computer was in a morgue and no GOTW could be posted, this week I will give you all a special treat, multiple GOTWs. That’s right everyone. This week’s GOTW is the girls who make Halloween so special. You ladies go out and dress super skimpy, some would even say you may be dressed like whores. Not me, I would never say that. In fact I usually punch those idiots in the face. I wish every day could be Halloween.

3 thoughts on “Girlfriend of the Week

  1. I love Halloween for that very reason. In nyc its been really cold the past few days, but today its in the 60s, the sun is shining – its almost as if the gods wanted the ladies to put on even less. It’s destiny.

    I wasn’t planning on dressing up this year. Then I got roped into being wingman for a buddy at a random party, so I had to come up with something all of a sudden. I wound up choosing the mutant offspring of a ninja and a pirate. The strangest part is that I was able to piece together a quite satisfactory representation of both ninja and pirate using items I already had around the house. It frightens me that I own such accoutrements. Especially since 90% of my possessions are in storage.

    What’s worse is that I had several other options available. I mean, who even has a powdered wig just lying around the house?

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