Heroes: “Angels and Monsters”

I know, most of you are all done with the show and what not, but aside from a few bad story arcs, there are some very cool things happening. I love the idea of Peter becoming more like Sylar, that just intrigues me.

Also, the confrontation between Mr.B/Sylar/Claire was pretty sweet. Mr. B finally found his way to kill Sylar, but the dude would not do it, and it seemed like Claire did not want him to do it either. Sylar is a smooth talker, trying to pit Claire against her father.

The Linderman conundrum has been solved, it is Parkman’s dad manipulating minds. But, who is he building an army for? That is right, Mr. Petrelli. I knew the old man was not really dead, I said that back in season one, then again in season two. What is his power? He must be very dangerous. He also wants Adam on his team, hmm.

Angela has a vision of her husband in the future, with Nathan/Peter/Tracey all dead. I wonder if his power is similar to Sylar’s? I hope not, I would like to see something a little more creative. Maybe he is like Peter, but with a lot more powers and years of experience…

Did Hiro really stab Ando? Is he dead? I bet not, that is why Ando will try to get his own powers to one day kill Hiro. What could make them turn on each other, going to the future caused Hiro to see Ando kill him, which then led Hiro to distrust Ando…see where I am going with this?

Anyways, let me know what you guys think…

8 thoughts on “Heroes: “Angels and Monsters”

  1. yea i new mr. petrelli was still alive too, i knew exactly who it was with the previews from last week’s show when she said “no it can’t be”

    As for the “we can call him Noah now”/sylar/claire thing…the jury is still out on Sylar. I think he’s the key to the war between mr and mrs petrelli. I really don’t think mr. petrelli’s power could be as powerful as sylars or peter’s for that matter. I think it’s just the amount of experience with his powers that puts him over the top of the other 2. Besides as of right now he’s a vegetable, i want to know how they get him up and out of bed, is there someone out there with a similar power to mr. linderman maybe and then heals mr. petrelli as he joins the team?

    Big prediction here: Parkman comes back from east cumbumfuck, finds out his dad is back on the scene, battles his dad for mind supremacy and defeats his dad. Mr. Petrelli initially was using mr. parkman to try to get younger parkman to join the team, now he twists it to look like he wanted the parkmans to battle and give younger parkman some kind of revenge. Mr. Petrelli then older parkman and younger parkman becomes a free lance super hero and teams up with claire. Though it is starting to look like the whole situation with her dad is pushing her more towards the Mr. Petrelli team.

    I think Hiro will go back in time and fix the stabbing of Ando thing. Anyone else thinking that Hiro is starting to get a little sick with the “saving the world” bit? It’s starting to get annoying, he used to be my favorite character, now i get queezy everytime he opens his mouth.

    And anyone else starting to feel bad about Seresh? What’s with the whole keeping people in spider web crap, what exactly is he turning into?

    I don’t know, the whole show is starting to look like a DC versus whatever the other major comic book company is, and they’re starting to get too many heroes involved which leaves you with a sloppy story line and plot summary as you try to tie all the loose ends together.

    I’m real close to not watching the show anymore and flicking on 2 and a half men…those crazy guys just make me chuckle

  2. I think i’m giving heroes 2 more weeks and if it doesn’t turn to something relevant and start making sense, i may be done with it. Kinda how i got with Lost in the middle of its second season.

  3. Call me crazy. Call me easily entertained. Call me Ishmael. Either way, I’m still perfectly satisfied with this season thus far, and the series as a whole. Some episodes are definitely stronger than others, but I have yet to personally see anything godawful. The writers have stated that they want every season to be categorically independent, and if that means making characters act against type, I’m cool with it. I think the idea is to not have loose ends from season to season. 2 and a Half Men does have a certain allure, though…

    Anyways, I am getting somewhat annoyed that they keep introducing all these new characters, with powers that are actually interesting, and then killing them off the same episode. Some of these powers could definitely be utilized in multiple situations. Though, it doesn’t appear that the writers have any problems with reusing abilities, so maybe that’s not such a huge deal.

    And I’m thinkin Hiro used his years of sword training to deftly stab Ando in a location that would only wound him, not kill him. I think I read a comic some years ago where a dude faked his death that way. Whether or not Ando recognizes this fact or not remains to be seen.

  4. Kern…yeah, umm, way to figure that out from those previews….

    I don’t see Hiro going back in time to save Ando, that would change things.

    nor do i see claire and parkman joining forces. sorry, it just seems a bit odd. I am still hoping for Claire and Elle…mmmmmmm.

    Suresh, well let me just say that I think they made a mistake. There is no way they can really use this character now. If he cures himself, he still did horrible things, which I guess you could say was a side effect of his condition, but come on…

    Gideon…thank you. Glad someone still enjoys the show.

    Everytime I think about Two and a Half Men, I remember the Robot Chick parody of 300. When King Leonidus is sitting on the couch and that comes on and he screams “THIS IS NOT FUNNY!” and kicks the TV…hilarious.

  5. A couple things:

    Adam Monroe’s blood heal Petrelli.

    2 1/2 men over How i met your mother?? please…

    I am still entertained by Heroes…I don’t know how that got misconstrued so badly…it’s still my favorite non-reality show on TV not called The Office.

    I missed Fringe last night, was it any good?

    I agree that Hiro is getting annoying. He was def my favorite character the first season, but his novelty has worn off. Good thinking with the sword training Gideon. That is undoubtedly what happened.

    Does Claire’s mom get hotter every episode? She is a MIRLF.

  6. I’d like to sort of take back my comment on how i met your mother over 2.5 guys, they are both on cbs and at different times…my bad.

  7. Offord, were you implying that you’re favorite tv show is actually a reality show? surely you jest – unless you count monday night football as a reality show.

    And How I Met Your Mother is the only reason I’ve even seen an episode of 2.5 Men. Since Heroes is season-passed (is “season pass” an acceptable verb?), I usually catch at least the first half of it before switching over to Heroes. On a side note, does anybody remember when Megan Fox was on the show during its first season? She was unbelievably hot. Youtube it. Right now. GO.

    And that Jessalyn Gilsig is quite the looker. I remember back on Boston Public; that school had to have the hottest teachers on the planet. I do find it annoying whenever she “demonstrates” her power though. I mean, I see Barney from How I Met Your Mother do more impressive stuff with fire on a regular basis.

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