Heroes: “Dying of the Light”

Sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong. I really thought that Hiro might actually have stabbed Ando, but instead he just went back in time and set up a blood pack with a fake sword and told Ando to pretend to be dead…it was cool because at least Ando is still with us, and it seemed to have made Ando realize what Hiro feels about being hurt by his best friend.
I was kind of right about Arthur Petrelli, his power seems to be some sort of power absorption, unlike Peter’s power though, his father must actually be in contact with the person. We first see him use this power on Adam, which upset me. I like Adam. I really wanted them to explore the idea of him and Hiro working together, and maybe rekindling their friendship. It was cool to see Adam wither up and die without his power to keep him from aging.
The scene where the puppet master controls the three ladies was okay, but who did not see that coming? And why did Sandra have such a hard time shooting Claire? I would have pulled the trigger in a heartbeat. Oh well, that’s just me, and I may be a heartless bastard.
The villains of Pinehearst are about to square off against the Company, who will win? I have a small problem right now, what is either sides agenda? The Company in the beginning was taking people with powers and tagging them, they seem like they try to control the dangerous people. The Pinehearst group wants everyone to have powers? So in order to obtain that goal, they recruit the bad guys? Maybe some clarification needs to be made between the two groups, a mission statement or something.
I really like the Sylar/Peter relationship. Sylar reaching out to Peter, trying to work with him so they can both control the hunger, yet Peter cannot get past the moment and forgive his newfound brother, even though in the future he met Gabe, who was reformed with his son…
Parkman’s story happens to be pretty cool, and my prediction of him falling to the darkside appears to be way off. “Thanks turtle.” Best line of the episode. I love that he is trying to convince Daphne about the future, but without coming off as totally creepy.
Hiro versus the precog was funny. I mean, shovels to the head always make me laugh. A teleporter against a precog, who wins? Well I guess the precog…
The episode ends with Peter going to the Pinehearst facility and finding his father there. Daddy asks Peter to give him a hug and then absorbs his powers. Peter has been taken out of the equation. He better get his powers back.
The preview had the worst line ever in it. Peter struggles against his father and Arthur says “You’re grounded son.” Ugh.

2 thoughts on “Heroes: “Dying of the Light”

  1. I thought the episode was fantastic! I actually said awesome out loud as I watched it on my computer with headphones on. My gf none-the-less thought I was insane.

    I was right about Arthur using Adam to heal him, but wrong about his power. I thought he would need the blood to heal – I definitely underestimated his ability. It does suck that Adam is gone because he was one of the more entertaining characters on the show. Oh well, Hiro or Peter will probably go back in time at some point and he will be back…

    Please tell me that I wasn’t the only one that thought the scene with the puppet master in real life wouldn’t turn out a…different…way. I think Claire’s mom (Sandra) had to hesitate to shoot her so he wouldn’t be wise to the situation. Either way, it worked and they are free. I see Sandra getting pissed about Claire’s real mom and Mr. B partnering up…

    Mohinder finally showed some signs of his former self, and I have a feeling he will have a larger role in defeating Pinehearst in the future.

    It was cool to finally see Sylar and Peter battle, but it was quite anticlimactic. Sylar has been using his destructive powers much longer and more effectively than Peter has, so I thought even though he was weaker he would put up a good fight…Oh well I was wrong about that.

    Hiro and Ando finally became entertaining again, using time travel minimally and effectively.

    Again I didn’t see the preview for next week, but I hope the episodes continue to improve each week.

    PS, is Peter really THAT dumb to let his father hug him…sheesh.

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