Heroes: “Eris Quod Sum”

This was a fairly cool episode with lots of characters starting to come together and people finally making some decisions.

Sylar and Peter
Angela reaches out to Sylar and tells him that he is more powerful than he knows and there should be no reason he can be held in a cage. She wants him to save Peter. He wakes up and leaves his cell.

He goes into Pinehearst, tosses Mohinder away from Peter and then kills the lab assistant. As Peter prepares to run away, Mohinder uses his new powers to bash Sylar’s skull off the floor. Arthur fires some eletricity at Peter, but Peter still escapes.

Arthur then explains to Sylar that Angela tried to kill him as a baby and that he needs to join Arthur’s team. Peter comes to save Sylar, but he says he is exactly where he needs to be and tosses Peter out the window.

Claire and Elle
This sexy combo teamed up because Elle can no longer control her powers. Her and Claire decide to go to Pinehearst to see if they can be helped. On the plane Elle starts to snap and crackle, but before she can pop, Claire tells her to grab her hand and she absorbs the electricity.

As they walk toward Pinehearst, Peter comes falling out of the window. Claire grabs him and says that his powers are gone and she needs to get him away. Unfortunately Elle decides to go inside to maybe lose her powers.

Claire fixes Peter’s cuts then asks the important question, how did he survive that fall without his powers? Peter believes that Sylar saved him and you can see that Peter is starting to come around to Sylar.

Peter calls in Nathan, who says he will not go to Pinehearst to confront his father. Tracy realizes he is lying and asks if he needs help, she might be able to open some doors. Nathan says that he is going to kick them down. Right, he can fly, I bet that will help out against Arthur…

Matt and Daphne
Arthur sends Daphne to kill Matt. Matt’s dad tries to reason with Arthur, but he winds up dead on the floor. Daphne tries to shoot Matt, but she cannot do it. Terrence comes and he kills both Daphne and Matt. He then leaves and the room changes and Matt and Daphne are alive and safe. Parkman used his Jedi-mind tricks on Terrence.

Matt tells Daphne that he will fight the Pinehearst group, but he might need help from Primatech. At the end of the show we see her on the phone with Arthur saying that Parkman believed her…what does Arthur have on Daphne? Maybe he is holding her child hostage?

Hiro and Ando
Not too much happened to this duo. Hiro eats some drugs and goes into a trance in order to go on his own spirit walk. Really not much to say about it.

So my questions is how will Peter get his powers back? Will Sylar end up the good guy? Will Elle ever get naked for me?

Eris Quod Sum means You Will Be What I Am or I am what you will be…does that mean Sylar will become like Arthur or maybe Peter?

6 thoughts on “Heroes: “Eris Quod Sum”

  1. I didn’t think they followed last week’s “season saver” (?) with a great episode, but it was okay.

    They need to start clearing up the “motives” issue soon…I just can’t engross myself in a story that I have no clue why or where it’s going…ya know?

    Whatever, I don’t have much to say about it this week. Like the new page layout…Is the picture at the top just one blogger provides or does it have some meaning??

    Oh, and about halfway into the first DT graphic novel/compilation, I love the art but find the narrative somewhat..hokie. It’s like they took the amazing languistics that Stephen King created and slaughtered them to the point of it just being uncomfortable and confusing to read…it’s like they throw in the “kennets” and such just for the sake of putting them in, regardless of whether it makes sense or not. Have you had that issue with it??

  2. I actually found this template on a different site, not sure what the picture is, but it made me think of my own twisted brain opening up….yeah that’s it.

    The art in DT is fantastic, some of the coloring tricks that Isanove and Lee do, with using all the shades of red are just awesome.

    Peter David’s narrative can be a bit hard to read at times, but Robin Furth’s additional stuff in the back of each issue (i am sure it’s all one big section in the GN) is pretty sweet. I will say that David does a good job of writing Bert and Roland, just not a good job as a narrator.

  3. I agree. Dialogue is very well done and the colors are fantastic. With he big rise of graphic novel movies, does this now give the DT series a better chance of making it to the big screen?

  4. I honestly hope not. I would not like to see how they could even pull it off. If they tried to make it faithful to the books, like they did with LOTR, some of the movies would be 4 hours long.

  5. Well if they had “inventive” screen writers who, as they have done with the comics, can effectively minimize the stories, it could definitely be done. “Gunslinger Born” would be the easiest transition to a movie.

    If they tried the route of making all 7 into a flowing trilogy (excluding book 4 most likely), it would be quite a daunting challenge. Especially since much of what makes the books great is internal thoughts and emotions that would be difficult to convey on the big screen. Nonetheless, it has some potential, right?

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