Heroes: “I Am Become Death”

A much better episode than last weeks. This one had plenty of fun stuff, especially current Peter and future Peter traveling four years into the future. While there Claire kills future Peter (because the Haitian is present to block out his healing power). Before he dies though, he tells Peter to go find Sylar, his power will help Peter fix time.

Peter goes off to find Sylar, a mutated Mohinder tells him that Sylar lives in Costa Verde. Peter teleports there, and finds a very unexpected welcoming. A small child says “Hi Uncle Peter.” The kid runs to his father, Sylar. The kid then asks where is Peter’s scar. Sylar and Peter go into another room, where Sylar asks where he came from. Peter explains what is happening, but Sylar says that he will not give Peter his power because the hunger is too much.

Peter tries to take it, but Sylar fights him off. Peter then reasons with him to paint the future. Sylar does, and sees the world will end. Sylar gives Peter his old watch and says to fix it. As Peter fixes it, we hear the familiar ticking clock sound and Peter now has the ability to understand how things work.

At that moment, Claire, Knox, and Daphne attack the house. Using Sylar’s kid as a hostage, Claire says she will release the kid if Peter agrees to die. Peter takes her out and then battles with Daphne. Knox uses Sylar’s son’s fear to make him strong and starts beating up Sylar. From the fight the son is accidentally killed, causing Sylar to go nuclear. He kills over 200,000 people.

Claire has Peter in captivity, and she begins to cut him with the Haitian present so he cannot heal or teleport away. Is this how he got his facial scar? Nathan, the President of the USA, comes in and wants to talk with Peter. He explains that he knows of the paintings and that one person cannot save the world, blah blah blah. Peter reads his mind, but tells Nathan that even though he believes he is right, he is actually wrong. Peter then feels the hunger that Sylar warned him about and starts to cut Nathan’s head.

He becomes scared and teleports back in time. Where might you ask? To Sylar’s cell at Level 5. He immediately grabs him by the throat and wants to know how to control it and tells Sylar that he will never be like him. Sylar goads that they are brothers. Which is not much of a revelation to Peter since he learned that from the nice Sylar like an hour ago.

The Peter/Sylar thing was cool. Remember, they battled in the first season very briefly. At the end of the season they sort of had a battle, but it was Hiro who did the damage. Then they battled in the future where Sylar was pretending to be Nathan…but we have yet to see them actually talk. I wonder what makes Sylar change? Who is the kid’s mom? I bet it’s Elle, she likes a bad boy.

Anyways, before I go back to sleep, I just want to point out an interesting thought about Peter’s character. He is an empath, he absorbs powers, but also does he probably get a little bit of people’s emotions? Notice how he never stops and thinks about things rationally. In fact, he just gets caught up in the moment. At first he was all anti-Future Peter, then one he is dead, he starts to believe him. Sylar says they are brothers, Peter is okay with it, in fact he begins to trust this new Sylar almost immediately…just some food for thought.

Sorry that I did not focus on the other stuff in the episode. Way too tired.

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  1. This is a minor quibble given the medium this piece of entertainment is presented on, but didn’t Sylar’s kid seem a bit old considering its supposed to be only 4 years in the future? Considering we’re not currently aware of anyone he’s knocked up, and the normal incubation period for a human fetus, there’s no way an offspring of Gabe could be over 3 years old by that point. That kid was not 3.

  2. I had a lot of problems with this episode and the direction it seems to be heading. For anyone who read the Dark Tower series, remember how it was a relatively straight forward story until about midway through book 5, when everything started to get…complex? Well it worked for Dark Tower because of the substance behind it, but Heroes is starting to get a tad out of grasp. I find it hard to follow/believe so many of the present/future storylines…teleportation is generally not a good idea for a focal point of a show. The first season used it in small doses very effectively. Now it is out of control, and all I do is keep thinking why not just go back in time a few minutes and change things again, or change something else, etc. Time travel just causes too much doubt and too much thinking…I want to just enjoy a show not subconsciously point out every plot hole…

    That said, a couple things. Molly did not look old enough, Peter’s sneer face is annoying, Hiro and Ando fighting is getting ridiculous, the Haitian is somehow everywhere at all times, Mohinder is f’ed, and so on.

    How could a nuclear blast not kill Claire and Peter? They would be disintegrated in seconds, their molecules blown all over the gaping crater that was Costa Verde. Would all the pieces magically united? Whatever…

    If the world exploded would Claire live and float around in space?

    What’s up with Adam? He seemed to be pretty peaceful for being locked away. I would have thought he would have at least clawed away some of the lining or something…

    Dang this turned into a long criticism of the show…I think I was just bitter Bennett was in this week’s episode…

  3. Yea I believe they just went too far. I liked it when it was just the basics, but I suppose that’s going to be impossible to get back to now.

  4. Like I said, I enjoyed this episode more than the previous. I am not very good at telling how big a kid should be at certain ages, so whatever.

    Yes, they are definitely using the time travel thing a bit too much. It is no longer a power, instead it’s a plot device…no one seems to realize that every time they go back in time to change their present, it seems they just cause another end of the world scenario…

    I bet it has to do with the Mayan calendar…

  5. I’m still entertained by the show, but agree that some aspects are getting out of hand. It seems that they are really exaggerating their intent to not be like Lost and dole out information at a snails pace. Now they’re giving you answers to questions that weren’t even there in the first place.

    This show’s still better than the Sarah Connor Chronicles, though.

  6. Is that saying very much??

    But I will definitely keep watching as long as the show is on (might not be much longer…) because you are so engrossed in the characters.

    And I ordered the first 2 Dark Tower graphic novels. It was nice that they compiled each in one book so I didn’t have to order 12 comics…I can’t wait!

    I’m still finishing up the Historian though, that book is a super slow read.

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