Magic Darts at Mugshots

I have not posted anything about the Mugshots exploits in awhile, which may have caused some of you to think I stopped going there, but do not fear, I still frequent my second home and definitely have plenty of funny stories. Wow, that was a long sentence…

First I would like to tell you a little about a mistake I made. In my second Mugshots post, I said about how Sweeny was annoying and how I did not like him. Usually I am pretty spot on about people after one or two meetings. This was one of those cases where I was dead wrong. I would like to now correct that and say that Sweeny is a good dude, very smart, and pretty funny. Although he has some bad taste in arena rock…

Anyways, lately we have been playing darts over there. Usually it is Sean (our local AT&T salesman, so if you see me rockin’ an iPhone, blame Sean), Steve, and I. The first time we played Sean was beating me pretty bad, although it had been months since the last time I played darts.

Obviously we play Cut-Throat Cricket, and Sean was pointing me because I could not close out the 18s. He had a sizeable lead, just needed to close the bulls and 15s. I decide to start going after the bulls. I hit one and Sean says that I will not hit one the rest of the night. My next time up I hit two bulls and one double bull. Yes, three bulls, pretty awesome, huh? It gets better. The next round up, I nail a double bull and then a regular bullseye. Five in a row. Needless to say I ended up winning the game.

A few nights later we played again and this time I was winning easily, and needed just one bull to win. I decided to get a little cocky. I look at Sean and Steve and tell them that I will throw this round left-handed. They make fun of me for being a cocky asshole, especially after my first dart misses the board. The second dart hones in near the triple 11. Third dart nails the bullseye. Needless to say, they were amazed.

The very next night I stop in after work, and they want me to play, but this time Sweeny is playing. Well that night I learned a lesson in humility. Back in the day Kern and I used to have some epic battles up at the Arena. I would say that I usually came out on top (he will not admit that), but it was seriously always super close.

Sweeny taught me what a great dart shooter looks like. He used to play in leagues and won a bunch of League Championships. His first round was like triple 20, triple 19, then back up for a single 20 just to point us all. He kicked our asses.

That night I also got a nice head-butt from sweet Anastasia, who pretty much polished off a box of wine all by herself. She beat up Sean, and the next time she came over to hit him, he pushed me in front of her. I fell forward and her forehead slammed off my jaw. I felt like a dude punched me in the face.
That is Anastasia in the white and Jen in the green.

Also, that same night, Sean got very pissed at this deuschebag Brett, which cracked Steve and I up. The extent of what happened is not really important, but just fun to think about. Here is the only line you need to remember from that entire night:
Sean: “I am not going to be mocked by someone younger than me with less hair.”
Steve: “Sean, I mock you all the time and I have less hair and am younger than you.”

Just one of those silly things that happens that no one gets or really finds funny unless you were there.

One of those nights was also my late birthday celebration, so a trip was definitely made up to the Fireside Inn to play a little Wii bowling, which I am not so good at. Although that night, I think I played left-handed. Not a good idea.

4 thoughts on “Magic Darts at Mugshots

  1. I’d like to make a trip down sometime and check out this Mugshots place you enjoy so much… maybe show you a thing or two about shooting darts. And, do they have a pool table? If so, I’m sold. I’ll be down as soon as I can make it…

  2. Yeah, it sounds like a pretty cool place. I still don’t have a “place where everybody knows my name” down here. I seldom go to the same place two weekends in a row, very rarely even go out during the week. I used to have a place like that, until the crew decided that they were too cool for places where college kids hung out. Oh well.

    Speaking of that place, my best story involving a bewitched dart took place a couple years ago. I was there with a friend and a bunch of his friends I’d never met before. Some darts start up and I call next game. The match lasts a pretty long time, but I’m not too upset because it gave me some time to chat up the few ladies that were present.

    I, of course, was charming these women as only I can, in addition to exaggerating my prowess at darts; making several remarks that the game would be sooooo over if I was playing.

    Well it was nearing the end of the game, and my buddy only needed a bullseye to win (of course he’d been on this bullseye for about 10 minutes). I let out an exasperated sigh, and he says “well why don’t you try” and hands me the dart. I take a look at one of the girls, roll my eyes and – still holding my beer, still sitting down, about 6-7 feet behind the line – nonchalantly toss the dart. Bam – bullseye. Then, using a herculean amount of restraint, I calmly turned back to the girls and changed the subject, as if I do that all the time (btw, I suck at darts).

    Luckily at that point another friend of mine called me. I excused myself so they could all talk about how awesome I am, which must’ve happened because I returned to a set of smiling faces. When I told them I was leaving, the appearance of dismay further solidified this belief. I was hoping one of ’em would join me, but alas. They weren’t breaking up the group (at least not that early in the night). And there was no way I was staying there and potentially having to play darts.

    I never did see them again…

  3. Actually they do not have a pool table, but luckily the Fireside does, and they have Wii bowling, so between the two it’s like an olympic drinking triatholon.

    Gideon…if normal people told me that story, I would call them a liar, but I have seen you do crazy shit like that before…like the first night I lived at 224D and you tossed your hat at the wall and it stuck on the hook. I thought you were the man for that until later, much much later, you told me that you never did it again.

  4. oh my god. I’ve heard that story about the hat. It’s a legend! I’ll even pass it on to my grandkids. I totally believe the dart story.

    take me wii bowling. what the hell is a wii?

    I can’t believe you didn’t put up a review of Max Payne. And I even brought you peach rings…

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