Screw Columbus

This weekend I headed back home to see family and friends. This week also happened to be the point where my driver’s license expired, but luckily I had a little paper extending it because PennDOT took forever to get me my camera card. On the way home on Saturday I stopped at the DMV, which was supposed to be open until 4 p.m.

Guess what? It was not.

The sign says “We are closed Saturday and Monday so that our employees can celebrate the Columbus Day holiday.” No thank you at the end, or sorry to inconvenience you. But seriously, who celebrates Columbus Day? What the hell kind of holiday is this? Why not have Leif Erikson Day?

Needless to say I was pissed off. Christopher Columbus ruined my weekend. I could not go out to the bars to watch the Penn State thrashing of Wisconsin (luckily I had a great time at my mom’s, so screw you Chris)…

One thought on “Screw Columbus

  1. I too was brutally taken advantage of by Columbus Day (see last week’s episode of South Park for some hilarity). Last year, when I stupidly waited until last minute to refill my medication prescription like always, I ran out Sunday night and desperately need a new supply on Monday. Well, I got to the CVS pharmacy and wouldn’t you know it, Columbus kidnapped the employees, probably to help him battle pirates. So, I then went to a local drug store run by all Latinos. Surely they would be open, America isn’t their native country, what would Columbus want with them? Apparently something, because they were mysteriously missing as well. Well, needless to say, without meds I was all f’ed up for the day and had to miss work Tuesday morning to get them, while driving around the city dizzy as hell.

    So this year, I got all excited – Columbus Day is quickly approaching, 3 day weekend!! I planned to go to the beach. Well wouldn’t you know it, my place of work does not celebrate this wonderous national holiday. I researched into the founders to determine their terrorist roots and expose them, but alas they were founded by Americans like you and me. Perfect disguise? Maybe, but for now I will place the blame on the “holiday” known as Columbus Day.

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