Baseball Season Recap

The end of the season has come and gone, the Phillies beat the Rays in the World Series. Now we wait patiently for the end of year awards to be handed out. Obviously any discussion on Ryan Howard will cause Kern and I to start arguing, so we will not try that game again.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to go back and look at the predictions we made at the beginning of the year. Well I was pretty much the closest to picking the Pirates record, Kern had them third in the division and almost .500, not bloody likely my friend. I also predicted the NL Central exactly. Other than that, we pretty much sucked. We all had the Tigers winning the AL Central, and they finished dead last, behind the Royals, wow.

Kern said Silva and Beltre would put the Mariners above the Angels in the AL West. Hold on, let that sink in for a second. The 101 losses Mariners. Yes, that team. Let’s have a look at how those two did this season:
Beltre: 25 HR, .266 AVG, .327 OBP, .784 OPS…pretty average if you ask me, not MVP caliber.
Silva: 4-15, 6.46 ERA…wow, those kind of numbers look familiar, is that Ian Snell’s line?

Not to pick on Kern, at least his World Series picks were actually in the playoffs, mine and Offord’s were not.

I was the only one to say anything positive about the Rays, but did not go with my gut and put them up higher in the standings. Hopefully next season we can all do a better job of predicting…on a sidenote it does not look like any of our awards picks will be right, unless Howard wins the MVP (Offord) or Halladay wins the AL Cy Young (Kern).

One thought on “Baseball Season Recap

  1. Wow it’s funny to read that. So much for Detroit…sheesh. I would have thought Leyland could nap through 75% of the games and they’d still make the playoffs. Very interesting indeed how it all turned out. On the bright side, it was nice to have an unpredictable season…I’d love to see baseball move more towards that..obviously.

    As for Ryan Howard, sadly I think he will win the MVP. They made the playoffs, he was super clutch down the stretch…It will be close between he and Pujols.

    And I’m glad we can all laugh just as hard at Kearney after the season as before the season with his Mariners pick…although the Braves pick wasn’t much better…

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